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How To Offer Your Fence Customers Top Quality Fencing & Great Pricing

All property owners want the best fence at the lowest price possible, but there’s always the risk of getting cheap materials to go with the more affordable cost. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here to help your business thrive by teaching you how to offer your fence customers top-quality fencing with great pricing!

Top-Quality Fencing – What Does It Look Like?

If you’re wondering exactly what type of quality your customers are looking for, the standard for today’s demand centers around longevity. No one wants to continuously buy a new fence (or go through repairs) every couple of years. It’s all about making smart choices that are easy on the bank account from the start, and so offering fence materials that can stand up to the usual fence-killers makes your company worth looking into.

Here are a few quick tips on choosing fence materials worthy of outstanding reviews:

  • Include rust-free fence materials in your catalog. There are plenty of homeowners (and commercial property owners) who love the appeal of an ornate metal fence, but dismiss the option because they don’t want to deal with rust. Powder-coated aluminum and steel can repel water for a beautiful fence that can last decades, even during the wetness of winter.
  • Upgrade your selection to treated wood options. A surefire way to gain a bad rep is by installing the most basic untreated wood on your customer’s property. The moment they start seeing mold and rot just a year or two into owning their new fence, they start being an unhappy customer.
  • Don’t completely rule out vinyl. Before you shrug off vinyl as a cheap plastic material, you should know that vinyl fences have evolved into the new standard for the average home. It’s low-maintenance and has a long expected lifespan, making it the perfect choice for the money-conscious consumer.

Fence Installation Quality Also Matters

Supplying high-quality fence materials only makes up half of the formula to success. The other half is in the experience that you provide, and not just in the customer service aspect. Your expertise in professional installation plays a huge role in how well your fence materials look and last. One way to touch up your knowledge is by reviewing common mistakes to avoid when sourcing fence materials.

The Perks of Knowing The Latest Home Trends

Every now and then, you’ll come across customers who don’t have a baseline for what they want in a fence. They will trust your know-how for thoughtful suggestions catered to their personal needs and interests. Getting in touch with outdoor living trends for the year can help you find the inspiration you need to dish out a worthy recommendation.

Can High-Quality Fencing And Great Prices Coexist?

Meeting demand surely comes at a price, right? It doesn’t have to when you find the right supplier. By finding a reputable wholesaler for your company, you can easily give your customers what they want at a fair cost. As a good rule of thumb, your wholesaler should offer competitive pricing to ensure that you’re getting the best price nearby, deliver in your area to reduce shipping costs, and stock up on brands with some outstanding warranties on fencing materials. American Wholesale Fenceworks has many locations (including in Georgia), and part of our platinum service is factoring in competitive pricing.

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Treat your customers to top-quality fences at great prices by choosing American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta as your trusted fence supplier! Explore our selection of premium fence products backed by manufacturer warranties, all at a fair price. Ask us for a material quote today!

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What Are The General Rules For Installing Residential Fencing?

The process of installing a house fence may appear simple and harmless on the outside, but there’s so much to consider that can elevate the difficulty level to that of a commercial fence that’s tied to specific requirements. Before you get in too deep and realize what you may have been doing incorrectly, learn more about the general rules for installing residential fencing to help you start off on the right foot. For premium fence materials and further assistance in providing quality fence installation, you’re welcome to reach out to American Wholesale Fenceworks anytime!

Be Mindful Of Neighboring Homes

A major mistake that people make is getting carried away in the excitement of building a new fence only to create some unhappy neighbors after everything is already said and done. Invading property lines happens to be a common dispute among neighbors which sometimes leads to the undoing of all the hard work that was put in.

How can you keep neighbors happy while meeting the demands of your client? Every state handles this situation differently, but the first thing you should always do is ask for the exact boundaries of the property you’re working on before you start planning. To play it safe, the fence should be anywhere from 2-8 inches away from the property line (rather than directly on it) to ensure that it’s not intruding anywhere. Some states will even require that you leave a note with all surrounding neighbors to alert them of the construction happening before the first swing of the hammer.

Think Of Pedestrian And Traffic Safety

This next part shouldn’t be an issue if you’re already staying within the property lines, but the new fence should be placed in a way that won’t impede traffic. For example, the fence shouldn’t be in the way of a driver’s view of any pedestrians or motorists. This is especially crucial for homes that are built on a corner space where there is an intersection. This next one might go without saying, but the fence should also not extend its reach to the street, thus blocking off the sidewalk.

Meet City And State Rules And Regulations

While it’s easy for some people to understand off the top of their heads that a fence shouldn’t be placed over a public sidewalk, other rules are not as obvious. Homeowners and fence installers alike can easily fall victim to missing the mark on height requirements. This is easy to mess up since every state and/or city has varying fence height limits, but that’s precisely why it’s better to check your local regulations beforehand. Even if the fence meets local laws, the residential property may also be subject to the guidelines set by the local Homeowners Association (HOA).

Establish What’s Appropriate For Residential Properties

Whether their preferences are based on spite with neighborly disputes or just personal taste, you may meet rather ambitious clients with fence ideas that can sound a bit questionable. Despite their disappointment, you will need to turn down requests for electrical wire fencing, spiral barbed wire toppers, and other fence elements that are inappropriate for residential properties. However, you can turn their perspective around with more suitable alternatives for residential fencing that can still provide the protection and security that they desire while keeping the property value intact.

Lovely residential fences that provide optimal security include:

  • Powder-coated ornamental fences
  • Galvanized chain link fences
  • Vinyl-coated chain link fences
  • Vinyl or PVC fences
  • Pressure-treated pine fences
  • Cedar fences
  • Cypress fences

Get Your Residential Fence Supplies At American Wholesale Fenceworks

Install residential fencing like a pro by shopping for your fence materials at American Wholesale Fenceworks! We have everything you need for your next residential project like premium-grade products, manufacturer warranties, competitive pricing, timely deliveries, and decades of collective fencing knowledge. Contact us today at (888) 610-1756!

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Are All Fence Materials Safe Against Heat Damage?

Since fences are meant to be installed outdoors, they should all be safe from sun exposure, right? In a perfect world, that would make sense. Unfortunately, there are many fence types that aren’t equipped to handle prolonged contact with UV rays, causing them to wear out much faster than higher-grade fencing. How do you know which ones to choose for a bright and sunny state like Florida?

Discover fence materials that are safe against heat damage before reaching out to American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando for premium fence products delivered straight to you!

How Can Heat Cause Damage To A Fence?

Just when you think that a bit of sunlight can’t hurt, your average unprotected fence is already showing signs of accelerated aging. There are countless ways that various fence types are affected by prolonged exposure to extreme heat and harmful UV rays:

  • Cracking and splintering from heat expansion
  • Brittle PVC from UV ray exposure
  • Fading colors or discoloration
  • Stress or pressure on structurally-significant parts
  • Warping from direct sunlight

Any of these types of heat damage can be enough to greatly reduce the lifespan of a fence and sometimes hurt the overall property value. Investing in high-quality fences that are better suited for consistently hot weather goes a long way in saving money and safeguarding properties.

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Fence Materials That Can Resist Heat Damage

The best fence materials that can withstand sun exposure and resist heat damage are the premium versions that are crafted with components designed for added protection:

Powder-Coated Aluminum And Steel

Treated aluminum and steel have a higher resistance to thermal expansion so you can worry less about it cracking under intense heat. They’re also unlikely to warp and submit to structural damages caused by direct sun exposure.

Powder-coated aluminum and steel fences can last as long as 30 years or more under direct sunlight with proper care.

Pressure-Treated Pine (PT Pine)

A regular wooden fence may crack under pressure in just a couple of short years, but a pressure-treated pine fence enhanced with protective chemicals soaked into the fibers can resist splintering, warping, and fading from persistent UV rays.

PT pine lasts longer than regular wooden fences with sealant because the substance is integrated into the material itself rather than applied to the surface.

High-Quality Vinyl

Not all vinyl fences are made the same, and that’s why cheaper materials will still crack and fade under the sun. Premium vinyl fences with added UV protection built into the overall composition can withstand heat, reducing the fading and splintering process while refusing to become brittle.

High-grade vinyl fences can hold their bright hues under direct sunlight, maintaining bold colors like tan, khaki, brown, and more!

A User-Friendly Guide On Helpful Maintenance Practices

Although higher-quality materials express the ability to stay in great condition under the hot sun, there are still some easy techniques for maintaining upkeep on these fence types for longer-lasting protection:

  • Cleaning the fence regularly can keep away particles that can induce early wear and tear.
  • For regular wooden fences, a coat of sealant can help block UV rays to reduce warping and fading. Alternatively, you can upgrade to PT Pine.
  • Setting up shade for the fence in the form of trees or an awning can reduce the amount of sun exposure.
  • Getting routine inspections can help spot early signs of heat-induced damages while they’re still treatable or repairable.

Get Fences That Last In The Florida Heat From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

Call American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando today at (407) 961-6073 to ask about our heat-resistant fence options. We supply premium fence materials with great warranties, and we get them to you with timely deliveries! Get started with a material quote on your next order.

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Are Chain Link Fences Good For Dogs? Yes, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Dog owners often shy away from chain link fences because they don’t want to be that house with a rowdy dog behind a cheap-looking barrier. Contrary to their beliefs, chain link can provide greater benefits than an ordinary wooden fence when it comes to protecting their furry friends.

Learn more about how to install a dog-friendly chain link fence that does its job while looking good in the process! For custom chain link fences delivered to you, reach out to American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares for premium products.

Shaking Out The Stigmas About Chain Link Fencing For Dogs

The main concern with chain link fences is the thought of dogs easily climbing over it or digging their way underneath it. What usually comes secondary is the worry of any trouble caused by greater visibility, or how the fence will appear too “cheap”. Modern chain link fences made with quality materials are ideal for dogs because of their resilience and ability to be custom-crafted.

Let’s go into further detail about how chain link fences can be an excellent choice for dogs:

1. They’re Incredibly Sturdy And Durable

Chain link fences made with premium-grade galvanized steel can’t be pushed over (and won’t cave in) as easily as your typical chain link fence. This is great news for homeowners who have larger dogs that like to run headfirst into things or are just plain clumsy.

2. They Can Be Customized To The Dog’s Size

The reason why chain link fences don’t seem to work out for some dog owners is that they’re choosing the wrong fence size, and this includes both gap size and height. Wholesale fence suppliers are able to craft a custom chain link fence in accordance with the size of the client’s dog, creating a much safer barrier.

Tips For Choosing Gap Sizes

Before choosing a “one-size-fits-all” gap size for a chain link fence (or choosing one at random), ask the client about the type and size of their dog. The spacing between the links should be too small for them to climb comfortably to discourage the act while still being spacious enough for a fair view.

3. They Can Be Better Than Wooden Fences

The biggest flaw with wooden fences when it comes to dogs is the fact that they can chew up the boards or pry them off with enough force and dedication. Dog owners won’t have to worry about that with a durable, high-quality chain link fence since they’re not as easily chewable.

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4. They Can Prevent Escapees

Two effective ways to discourage any escape attempts are to keep dogs from digging underneath or from climbing over the fence. Chain link fences can be installed further into the ground so dogs can’t dig and crawl under them, and the material won’t rot like wooden planks would. Chain link fences can also be built so that they have points on top which can be uncomfortable for dogs that try to climb up top.

5. They’re Affordable For When You Need Security Now

Dog owners who care deeply for their furry companion won’t want to wait around to gather the funds for the “perfect” fence to keep them safe. The affordability of chain link fences allows any loving pet parent to get the protection that they need sooner rather than later for peace of mind.

Order Dog-Friendly Chain Link Fences From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

Call American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares today at (888) 610-1756 to hear about our selection of high-quality chain link fence materials! Order custom varieties in galvanized steel or vinyl coating in appealing colors. Ask us for a material quote on your next delivery!