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Are All Fence Materials Safe Against Heat Damage?

Since fences are meant to be installed outdoors, they should all be safe from sun exposure, right? In a perfect world, that would make sense. Unfortunately, there are many fence types that aren’t equipped to handle prolonged contact with UV rays, causing them to wear out much faster than higher-grade fencing. How do you know which ones to choose for a bright and sunny state like Florida?

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How Can Heat Cause Damage To A Fence?

Just when you think that a bit of sunlight can’t hurt, your average unprotected fence is already showing signs of accelerated aging. There are countless ways that various fence types are affected by prolonged exposure to extreme heat and harmful UV rays:

  • Cracking and splintering from heat expansion
  • Brittle PVC from UV ray exposure
  • Fading colors or discoloration
  • Stress or pressure on structurally-significant parts
  • Warping from direct sunlight

Any of these types of heat damage can be enough to greatly reduce the lifespan of a fence and sometimes hurt the overall property value. Investing in high-quality fences that are better suited for consistently hot weather goes a long way in saving money and safeguarding properties.

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Fence Materials That Can Resist Heat Damage

The best fence materials that can withstand sun exposure and resist heat damage are the premium versions that are crafted with components designed for added protection:

Powder-Coated Aluminum And Steel

Treated aluminum and steel have a higher resistance to thermal expansion so you can worry less about it cracking under intense heat. They’re also unlikely to warp and submit to structural damages caused by direct sun exposure.

Powder-coated aluminum and steel fences can last as long as 30 years or more under direct sunlight with proper care.

Pressure-Treated Pine (PT Pine)

A regular wooden fence may crack under pressure in just a couple of short years, but a pressure-treated pine fence enhanced with protective chemicals soaked into the fibers can resist splintering, warping, and fading from persistent UV rays.

PT pine lasts longer than regular wooden fences with sealant because the substance is integrated into the material itself rather than applied to the surface.

High-Quality Vinyl

Not all vinyl fences are made the same, and that’s why cheaper materials will still crack and fade under the sun. Premium vinyl fences with added UV protection built into the overall composition can withstand heat, reducing the fading and splintering process while refusing to become brittle.

High-grade vinyl fences can hold their bright hues under direct sunlight, maintaining bold colors like tan, khaki, brown, and more!

A User-Friendly Guide On Helpful Maintenance Practices

Although higher-quality materials express the ability to stay in great condition under the hot sun, there are still some easy techniques for maintaining upkeep on these fence types for longer-lasting protection:

  • Cleaning the fence regularly can keep away particles that can induce early wear and tear.
  • For regular wooden fences, a coat of sealant can help block UV rays to reduce warping and fading. Alternatively, you can upgrade to PT Pine.
  • Setting up shade for the fence in the form of trees or an awning can reduce the amount of sun exposure.
  • Getting routine inspections can help spot early signs of heat-induced damages while they’re still treatable or repairable.

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