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Do Pressure Treated Wood Fences Last Longer?

Before you go to the store and grab just any type of wooden plank for building your new fence, you should learn about the benefits of pressure-treated wood. Many homeowners have used PT wood for their fences for years and they still look fantastic to this day with no sign of wearing out anytime soon. If all of this is unfamiliar to you, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are here to tell you what pressure-treated wood is all about how it can increase the lifespan of your new fence!

The Process of Pressure-Treated Wood

After cutting out a plank of wood to be used as fencing material, it may undergo a certain process called pressure-treating. The special technique involves the use of protective sealants that become deep-rooted into the fibers of the wood with the help of a pressured force that ensures the chemicals penetrate the wood as far as they can go. Unless you have the proper equipment and machines at home (which is incredibly unlikely), this treatment process can only be accomplished at a facility. However, it’s still worth it to purchase PT wood from distributors that sell them because of its long-lasting properties.

All the Protective Benefits of PT Wood

What exactly does pressure-treated wood do that regular wood can’t? For example, unprotected pine that is used in fencing will quickly break and deteriorate as it endures harsh and frequent weather conditions that would expose it to moisture and high winds. Without the proper sealant, the fibers will easily fray and splinter until the plank becomes useless. Meanwhile, the appropriate sealants are able to protect your fence in many ways to increase its lifespan such as:

  • Repelling moisture that can lead to rot and decay
  • Preventing the right conditions for fungi and mold to grow
  • Increasing the strength and durability of the wood fibers
  • Resisting scratches and dents with the protective layer
  • Deterring bugs and insects that can’t bite into the hardened wood
  • Halting the spread of flames with fire-retardant properties

Owning a PT Wood Fence

Now you know how pressure-treated wood can increase the lifespan of your fence, but what else can you expect from owning PT wood? You’ll be glad to know that on top of having a long-lasting fence material, you won’t have to perform much maintenance to keep it up. Cleaning a PT fence is as easy as giving it a quick rinse every now and then. The most you’ll have to do is reapply a sealant every once and a while, but your fence will be able to go on for a long while before the need arises.

Where to Get Pressure-Treated Wood For Your Fence

While some people may attempt applying protective sealants to their fence by themselves, the quality won’t be nearly the same as wood that’s been treated with specialized machines to do the work more efficiently. Plus, the wood can warp or shrink while you’re waiting for it to dry which makes the choice to buy pre-treated wood even more sensible. But where can you buy pressure-treated wood near you?

American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando has high-quality pressure-treated pine that will last you whole decades! All you need to do is give us a call at (407) 961-6073 and let us know what you need so we can give you a free quote.