Vinyl fences continue to grow in popularity due to their aesthetic appeal, low maintenance and high durability factors. At American Wholesale Fenceworks, we offer a wide array of vinyl fence products, providing you with an endless amount of styles and combination options.

Choose from white, tan, adobe or woodgrain colors from the Homewood® Colors Series. Or mix and match to create a custom vinyl fence design.

As always, our experienced team members are glad to assist in the decision process. Contact us today for a consultation or free estimate.

Vinyl Fence Customization Option & Finishes:

  • Colors (white, tan, adobe, woodgrain)
  • Panels (Straight, Closed, Scallop or Saddle Cut)
  • Picket Styles (Dog Ear & Pointed)
  • Topper Styles (Lattice, Spindle, Closed)
  • Post Caps (Federation, Gothic, New England, Flat, Ball)
  • Post & Picket Spacing (can vary)
  • Panel, Post & Picket Heights (can vary)
  • Decorative Vinyl Fence Gates

Our wholesale vinyl fencing supplies are available to the Southeast region of the United Sates, including: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.