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Are All Vinyl Fences The Same? Read Our Guide

You may have heard that vinyl fencing is the way to go as the best modern solution for securing perimeters for residential housing and commercial buildings alike. But does it matter where you order your vinyl fencing, and if there can be a major difference in quality? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks are here to enlighten you on why you need a high-quality vinyl fence for the best results!

What Is Vinyl, Exactly?

Vinyl is made up of polyvinyl chloride, more commonly referred to as PVC for short. PVC is used for many parts that are essential for construction purposes such as piping, window frames, and of course, fences. This type of synthetic plastic is desirable for its ability to perform its job without needing as much maintenance. Vinyl is also known for having a much longer lifespan compared to traditional materials like wood. So, the question you may be asking now might sound something like, “Is all vinyl the same?”. Although vinyl in general comes with many great benefits, there is still a major difference between materials that are cheaply made and those that are crafted with premium quality.

The Difference Between Cheap vs Premium Materials

When you look into ordering vinyl fencing, you might be tempted to go with the absolute cheapest option under the pretense that all vinyl is the same no matter who makes it. But just like how varying wood species can give you different fence qualities, where you buy your vinyl fences can be the deciding factor between a fence that will break in a couple of years and one that will be enjoyed for decades.

Comparing Their Longevity

It’s true that vinyl fences can outlast ones made from other materials, but that won’t be the case if you go with a poorly-made product. Vinyl fences of lower quality can still split and break, or they can warp and fade under prolonged sun exposure much faster than expected. Premium-grade vinyl fencing, however, is designed to be incredibly durable from head to toe with the help of special treatment and care. The result is a long-lasting fence with minimal damage.

Judging Aesthetic Appeal

When you go with a lower-quality brand for buying vinyl fencing, you may be limited to a select few styles that could easily be considered bland or plain. Fence suppliers that offer high-grade vinyl fences are more likely to have a wider selection of interesting and modern styles, and can even fabricate custom styles upon request.

The Benefits Of Top-Grade Vinyl Fencing

Ordering premium vinyl fences comes with many advantages leading to happier property owners. Many of these benefits include:

  • A resistance to bug and animal activity like biting and chewing.
  • An immunity to water-induced damages like rot and mold.
  • Sturdy panels that are difficult to topple over.
  • Privacy designs that offer zero gaps for peaking.
  • An estimated lifespan of 30 years or longer.

Where To Get Premium Vinyl Fencing In Atlanta

If you’re looking for the best vinyl fencing that Georgia has to offer, call American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta today for more information about our vinyl fence options and to receive a material quote! Our team of specialists will help you find exactly what you need for guaranteed satisfaction which is why people love partnering with us for ordering fence materials of all kinds!