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4 Ways To Keep Metal Fencing From Rusting In The Winter

Metal may be a superior choice in building materials, but rust is the one thing that can make any gleaming metal structure lose its radiance and functionality. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta want everyone’s metal fence looking pristine which is why we put together this useful guide on how to keep metal fencing from rusting in the winter! For top-grade metal fencing delivered to you, be sure to reach out to our talented and dedicated team today.

1. Be Proactive. Protect Metal Fencing With Additives

Just like with oral hygiene and car maintenance, the best way to protect a metal fence from rust is by preventing it from happening in the first place through proactive care. No one has the time to meticulously inspect the entirety of their metal fence every day, so this is best accomplished by adding protective layers. While there are store-bought protectants that can be used for metal fencing like clear sealants or specialized paint, these will eventually wear off until it needs to be re-applied. This process can take up as much time as regular inspections, making it difficult to keep up with maintenance as a homeowner.

To prevent rust on a metal fence with minimal effort, powder-coated ornamental fencing is the way to go. These often come in aluminum and steel varieties that repel water and moisture without any additional help.

2. Catch Rust And Stop It Before It Spreads

Rust acts almost as a cancer. The moment it appears, it can spread like wildfire. For metal fences that are prone to rusting, it’s imperative to remove any instances the moment they show. The task of inspecting the fence needs to become much more frequent during the winter when the atmosphere is naturally wetter, and this can be done with gentle swipes of a small wire brush. However, this can be a bit risky to do without leaving behind scratch marks.

How Quickly Does Rust Form And Spread?

Unprotected metal fencing can form rust in just a couple of days. Because fences are directly exposed to the outdoors at all times, it doesn’t take long at all for rust to form. As far as spreading, that can be harder to predict. In general, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few months for rust on metal fences to spread.

3. Lawn Maintenance Clears The Way For Success

Have you ever wondered how a fence comes into contact with moisture even when it doesn’t rain? An overgrown yard could be the problem, especially during the wetness of winter. Tall grass and leaves from low-hanging branches can transfer moisture to a nearby metal fence and cause it to corrode and rust. By keeping your lawn mowed and your trees and bushes trimmed, you can decrease the likelihood of damaging your metal fence.

4. Keep It Simple With Regular Cleaning

Proper cleaning techniques can safeguard metal fencing from rust. There are multiple ways to clean a metal fence, like a simple rinse and dry without the use of any chemicals. For deeper cleaning, appropriate substances include a vinegar-based solution or store-bought chemicals that are specifically made for metal fencing.

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Prevent Rust With Our Powder-Coated Fence Options!

For long-lasting metal fencing solutions, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta! We’ll walk you through our powder-coated aluminum and steel fence options that are low-maintenance for greater convenience. Ask us for a material quote on your next order today!