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Here’s How HOA Fence Builders Can Get The Best Quality Fence Supplies For Your Property

Before you pick up your grafting tool, you’ll want to find out if the property is part of an HOA so you don’t put in all that effort just to have to tear it down right after. The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) can be incredibly strict about changes made to a house, even when it comes to upgrading the fencing. If you’re an HOA fence builder, explore your options with the best quality fence supplies at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta!

What Makes HOAs Different From Your Typical House

While normal homes have free reign over exterior design choices, HOA neighborhoods strive to maintain an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with consistent home design. However, that means you must also be prepared to take extra precautions when installing a new fence. How many rules could there possibly be regarding a simple fence installation? You’d be surprised at how many stipulations there are, but we’ll help you with a few of the basics.

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A Deep Dive Into HOA Rules And Regulations:

If you’re new to building a fence for an HOA, there are probably plenty of things that you’ve never considered. The officials for these organizations take the neighborhood’s appearance very seriously, to the point of controlling how high a fence is, what the fence is made of, who installs it, and more. Each location may be a bit different, but here are a few factors that you may have to keep in mind:

  • Matching fence heights with other homes.
  • Finding an appropriate fence color.
  • Choosing an approved fence style.
  • Installing the fence so it’s unobtrusive.
  • Securing pool areas.

There will be some instances where the rules and regulations of the HOA coincide with local laws. For instance, Atlanta requires all fences to be no taller than 4 feet for front yards and no taller than 6 feet for the sides and backyard. These measurements may vary for specific areas or if the property is located on a corner lot. With so many factors to keep in mind, it’s best to double-check the manuals or ask an official.

Why You Need A Qualified Fence Supplier For Your HOA Fence

The more rules there are to abide by, the harder it is to find the right fence materials at your local retailer. Even if you do find a fence that fits all of the criteria, you may be limited to just one or two styles. For a greater selection of top-grade fence materials that are HOA-approved, you should go with a qualified fence supplier like American Wholesale Fenceworks which offers a wide range of options and the ability to craft custom orders. All you need to do is provide the list of criteria to a fence specialist and they’ll be able to find all of the choices that fall in line with your HOA.

Materials Typically Approved By The HOA:

Vinyl or PVC offers a clean and uniform color with long-lasting benefits and resistance to natural elements.

Pressure-treated pine is a classic take on wooden fencing but with a protective layer.

Redwood Cedar is a higher-quality wooden fence style that is sometimes approved by the HOA.

Powder-coated metal is a top choice for elegance and durability.

Powder-coated metal is a great choice for its refined appearance and long-lasting benefits with the protection of moisture-resistant components. Learn more about the benefits of ornamental fencing and why most HOAs approve of this fence material!

Where To Get HOA-Approved Fencing Materials In Atlanta

Are you building a fence for an HOA property? Order HOA-approved fencing from American Wholesale Fencework Atlanta! Contact us today to speak with a specialist who will help you find the best options for you, followed by a material quote on your next order.