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Best Fence Types For Increasing Property Value – Ranked

Buying a new fence for the sole purpose of boosting property value is a common phenomenon, and it’s not a bad thing in the slightest. Homeowners and business owners alike use premium fencing as an effective way to increase the desirability of their home or establishment with guaranteed results. But what type of fence can offer the most property value? Check out this ranking of best fence materials before you place your order with American Wholesale Fenceworks as your go-to company for getting premium fences delivered to you!

The best fence types for increasing property value are the ones that have a long lifespan, are easily maintained, and offer curb appeal. We made sure to take all of these factors into consideration with our ranking of the best fence types for increasing property value.

#1 – Ornamental Steel For Strength And Appeal

It’s common sense that metal fences tend to last longer since they are stronger and more durable than other materials, but this is especially true for the steel variety. Of the metals that can be used for fencing, steel is strong and durable just by weight alone, and adding powder coating grants it even greater protection from the effects of water damage and corrosion. Ornamental steel also offers curb appeal with aesthetically pleasing designs that speak to rather cultured homeowners. They can also add a sense of reputability to commercial properties.

#2 – Ornamental Aluminum For Cost-Effective Protection

We almost placed ornamental aluminum right up there with steel as a close tie since it offers nearly the same qualities despite being significantly lighter. Aluminum may be incredibly lightweight compared to steel, but that composition gives it the flexibility to endure more than your average fence. This means that you can order aluminum fencing materials at a lower cost from a simplified composition and reduced shipping estimates while achieving a similar level of durability and stability to that of steel fencing. Ornamental aluminum fences also come with powder coating for increased elemental resistance.

#3 – Vinyl For Easy Upkeep And A High Expected Lifespan

A surefire way to increase property value while staying cost-efficient is by investing in vinyl fencing. Its PVC composition is rather affordable while still offering benefits that any prospective buyer would love to have. Vinyl fences can be cleaned with minimal effort and its resilience provides protection from natural elements as well as animal or pest activity like biting or chewing. This is a clear step up from traditional wooden fences that have a limited lifespan and lower resistance to damage and corrosion which is why investing in vinyl fences is almost always guaranteed to boost your overall property value.

#4 – Cedar For Being One Of The Best Wooden Fence Options

For those who can’t help but go with the familiar allure of a natural wooden fence, cedar is one of the best choices for increasing property value because it has an innate resistance to pest activity and the gradual decay that most wooden fences fall victim to. Compared to other wood species, cedar is also known for being a popular choice based on its deep tones and hues. Cedar fences are also easy to stain and paint to achieve any desired look.

Increase Property Value With Fences From American Wholesale Fenceworks

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