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What Makes Cedar Fences So Unique?

Wood fences have a timeless aesthetic appeal, adding beauty, value, and security to any property. There are many varieties of wood fences on the market, from bamboo to fir, pine to spruce. While each of these species is a good option for building a border for your property, there’s one variety that stands out from the rest—cedar. If you’re looking for the best wood fence, one that provides exceptional durability and striking good looks, a cedar fence is the ultimate choice. Read on to learn all about what makes cedar fences so unique.

Top-Quality Wood

Thanks to its strength, appearance, and rich scent, cedar has been prized for millennia. Ancient Egyptians used the sticky oil from cedar trees for embalming, construction, and even perfumes. In America, Native Americans used western red cedar to create homes, canoes, clothing, and so much more.

Today, cedar remains one of the highest-quality woods you can buy. While cedar costs more than other options on the market, it’s a cost that’s well worth it. Low-quality wood can’t withstand the elements for long, even with proper upkeep and maintenance. Cedar is the most durable wood fence material you can buy, providing exceptional resistance to weathering and decay. It also resists insects and rot, so when you make the decision to build a cedar fence, you can count on your investment serving you well for years—and even decades—to come.

Versatile Capabilities

One of the best qualities of cedar is that it’s both pitch- and resin-free. That means you can protect or embellish the wood to prolong its lifespan and enhance its beauty. Cedar accepts and holds a vast variety of finishes, from light-colored bleaches to dark stains, semi-transparent, and more.

Cedar is an ideal material for a full range of fencing styles. No matter your reason for investing in a high-quality fence—whether it’s to keep your loved ones and pets safe in your yard, or you want to add some privacy to your outdoor spaces—cedar is an ideal material for several fencing types, including:

  • Board-on-board fences
  • Paddock and estate fences
  • Picket fences
  • Privacy fences

Sustainable Qualities

Many homeowners choose cedar because they love the look, feel, and scent of real wood—there’s nothing more pleasing than the natural, robust scent of cedar fence planks. A cedar fence is all-natural, so if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly fencing option, there’s no better choice. Cedar removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, and it’s a renewable and biodegradable material. Most cedar fence panels come from sustainable forests, so you can feel good about the environmental impact of your choice.

Ready to Invest in a Beautiful Cedar Fence?

Cedar is a gorgeous wood that always looks sharp, and its incredible durability makes it an ideal choice for your next fencing project. At American Wholesale Fenceworks – Apollo Beach, we offer both western red cedar and red diamond cedar species, and our team of experts is happy to walk you through our full range of products and customization options so that you can pick the best material for your project. Call us today at (813) 556-9399 to get started!