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Are Chain Link Fences Good For Dogs? Yes, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Dog owners often shy away from chain link fences because they don’t want to be that house with a rowdy dog behind a cheap-looking barrier. Contrary to their beliefs, chain link can provide greater benefits than an ordinary wooden fence when it comes to protecting their furry friends.

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Shaking Out The Stigmas About Chain Link Fencing For Dogs

The main concern with chain link fences is the thought of dogs easily climbing over it or digging their way underneath it. What usually comes secondary is the worry of any trouble caused by greater visibility, or how the fence will appear too “cheap”. Modern chain link fences made with quality materials are ideal for dogs because of their resilience and ability to be custom-crafted.

Let’s go into further detail about how chain link fences can be an excellent choice for dogs:

1. They’re Incredibly Sturdy And Durable

Chain link fences made with premium-grade galvanized steel can’t be pushed over (and won’t cave in) as easily as your typical chain link fence. This is great news for homeowners who have larger dogs that like to run headfirst into things or are just plain clumsy.

2. They Can Be Customized To The Dog’s Size

The reason why chain link fences don’t seem to work out for some dog owners is that they’re choosing the wrong fence size, and this includes both gap size and height. Wholesale fence suppliers are able to craft a custom chain link fence in accordance with the size of the client’s dog, creating a much safer barrier.

Tips For Choosing Gap Sizes

Before choosing a “one-size-fits-all” gap size for a chain link fence (or choosing one at random), ask the client about the type and size of their dog. The spacing between the links should be too small for them to climb comfortably to discourage the act while still being spacious enough for a fair view.

3. They Can Be Better Than Wooden Fences

The biggest flaw with wooden fences when it comes to dogs is the fact that they can chew up the boards or pry them off with enough force and dedication. Dog owners won’t have to worry about that with a durable, high-quality chain link fence since they’re not as easily chewable.

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4. They Can Prevent Escapees

Two effective ways to discourage any escape attempts are to keep dogs from digging underneath or from climbing over the fence. Chain link fences can be installed further into the ground so dogs can’t dig and crawl under them, and the material won’t rot like wooden planks would. Chain link fences can also be built so that they have points on top which can be uncomfortable for dogs that try to climb up top.

5. They’re Affordable For When You Need Security Now

Dog owners who care deeply for their furry companion won’t want to wait around to gather the funds for the “perfect” fence to keep them safe. The affordability of chain link fences allows any loving pet parent to get the protection that they need sooner rather than later for peace of mind.

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