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Most to Least Pet-Friendly Fence Styles, Ranked

With roughly 70% of American households containing pets, it’s crucial to have fencing options that can keep our furry companions safe and secure. There have been known issues with no-dig fences for dogs, so for more authentic fences that do a better job of providing a more effective solution, we have just the guide for you! Check out these premium fence styles ranked from most to least pet-friendly before browsing the incredible selection of fence materials at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta.

A pet-friendly fence should be able to keep nearly any sized animal on the premises without turning into a safety hazard. Take a look at our top choices:

1. Ornamental Metal Fences – Fido Can’t Chew His Way Through This One

Ornamental fences are often chosen for their incredible curb appeal, but this fence type comes with another hidden benefit. Being made of either powder-coated aluminum or steel, these metal fences are nearly impossible for even the most determined dogs to chew through. Pet owners can also stress less knowing that saliva won’t weaken these fences because the powder-coated compound is unaffected by moisture.

Can Dogs Be Too Small For Ornamental Fences?

When ordering ornamental fence materials from a reputable fence supplier, you’ll have the ability to customize the gap size according to the size of the pet (or pets) in the household. For the precious little puppies, you can add puppy pickets along the bottom of the metal fence which provides smaller gaps only where it’s needed.

2. Privacy Vinyl Fences – Invoking The “No See, No Bark” Policy

Dog anxiety is often the root of many troublesome behaviors such as loud and excessive barking or escape attempts. But what do dogs get so stressed out about? Sometimes they’ll see something unfamiliar, like a stranger passing by on the sidewalk or a squirrel climbing up a tree across the street. Ignorance is bliss, and a privacy fence can impair their view enough to where those little distractions won’t even be on their radar. Vinyl is the best fence material for full privacy because the panels are made to be completely seamless.

3. Galvanized Chain Link Fences – Protect Your Pets With Less

For homeowners who want a budget-friendly way to keep their pets on the property, chain link fences are more affordable while still being effective as a barrier. Average chain link fences can have the opposite effect, creating sharp points if broken through. Meanwhile, chain link fences that are enhanced with galvanized steel are built stronger to resist damage by chewing and clawing. Pets that know how to climb may have a more difficult time with a stiffer welded wire makeup.

4. Cedar Privacy Fences – No More Torn Or Missing Planks

It’s hard to break away from the warm and comforting feeling that only a wooden fence can bring. Many pet owners feel that they need to choose between having a beautiful wooden fence and allowing their fur babies to roam about outside, but there are stronger varieties that are still more pet-friendly than your average unprotected wooden fence. Although still somewhat vulnerable to pet activity (especially over time), wood species like Redwood Cedar can keep their quality much longer and can discourage chewing with its amazing durability.

American Wholesale Fenceworks Has Your Pet-Friendly Fence Selection

For an incredible selection of pet-friendly fences at competitive prices, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta today to ask for a material quote on your next delivery! We take pride in our platinum service to be your go-to supplier for premium fences and fence products.