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Do No-Dig Fences Actually Work For Dogs?

Owning a dog is a great joy in life, but they can also be a real handful. Puppy owners especially have a hard time keeping their furry friends from tearing up the yard or trying to dig their way out under the fence. There are many ways to handle this situation, but are no-dig fences the way to go? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here to teach you about no-dig fences and show you better dog-friendly alternatives that can potentially offer greater results.

The Drawbacks Of No-Dig Fences

The promise of a “no-dig” fence is very intriguing, especially for someone who frequently worries about their pet tearing up the yard and possibly escaping. People who install this type of fencing soon realize that the quality isn’t what they expected and for such a poor trade-off. No-dig fences require large stakes to be pressed into the ground which creates more holes than a regular fence. And after driving all those stakes into the ground, the result isn’t so stable, either. Rambunctious dogs can be strong when they set their mind to it, and no-dig fencing can easily sway and topple when tampered with. Some dogs can even hurt themselves if they manage to dig far enough to reach these spikes. But if no-dig fences aren’t the way to go, how else can you discourage digging?

Types Of Fences That Are Better For Dogs

No-dig fences may be tempting just because of the name, but there are other types of fences that can get the job done in a better and more efficient way. For a fence to have the potential to either discourage digging or be resistant to the effects of digging, it needs to be made of durable materials and be flush with the ground. Having gaps for dogs to see through can also prevent the need to dig because many dogs will only try to get to the other side out of curiosity. Luckily, reputable fence suppliers can offer a selection of pet-friendly fences that meet these criteria:

  • Ornate aluminum and steel fences. Metal fences will hold their ground to make it difficult for dogs to attempt digging near it.
  • Vinyl picket fences. The tensile strength of vinyl makes it nearly scratch-resistant and difficult for dogs to tear and dig under.
  • Pressure-treated pine picket fences. The additional reinforcement from PT pine can deter digging from being too tough to tear.
  • Chain link fences. Enhanced chain link fencing with galvanized steel or vinyl coating makes it difficult to be tampered with, and it’s installed flush to the ground for more security.

More Ways To Discourage Digging

On top of buying a fence that discourages digging, there are also other ways to help keep dogs from wanting to dig at all. One of the easiest ways is to give dogs enough exercise so that they’ll be too tired to attempt digging. Large and/or heavy objects such as pots and rocks can be placed in spots where dogs seem to be interested in digging the most. Lining the fence with strong scents like lemon juice and coffee grounds can sometimes provide an effective barrier.

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