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Pet-Friendly Fencing – Meaning & Examples

For pet owners, the primary goal when installing a fence is to protect their furry friend at all costs. While many people believe that all fences pretty much do the same thing, not just any fence will do when it comes to keeping animals safe. Learn everything you need to know about pet-friendly fencing while the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks provide you with a clear definition and a few examples of effective fences fit for the task.

What Defines A Pet-Friendly Fence?

It can be dangerous to install any type of fence and expect it to keep pets from harm’s way. You’d be surprised at how some materials or styles can actually be counterintuitive. For instance, a small animal can squeeze through the gaps between the planks or along the bottom of a fence. Some materials can even be chewed through completely by a very dedicated dog. A pet-friendly fence should be closed-off so that animals can’t escape, or that they won’t hurt themselves making an attempt to escape. It should also be difficult, or impossible, for an animal to bite and chew through. Another problem that some people may have is the moisture damage that comes from pets doing their business too close to the fence. Thankfully, there are a few pet-friendly fence types that combat all of these common issues including the best fence types for dogs.

Top Fence Materials and Styles For The Job

When looking for a pet-friendly fence, there’s more than one option that qualifies. There are a handful of different styles and materials that are effective in either protecting pets, resisting pet behavior, or both.

Vinyl Fences

Because it’s made of a resilient plastic material, vinyl fencing is perhaps the best choice for those with pets. It’s better able to repel moisture compared to wood which means that there’s less chance of water damage due to saliva or urine. It’s also more difficult to chew through vinyl.

Privacy Fences

Any type of privacy fence, whether it be made of vinyl or wood, can be effective in keeping pets inside. However, vinyl privacy fences still prove to be the smarter choice since they can be installed flush with the ground without being prone to moisture damage caused by contact with soil. And since they’re made by the panel rather than by picket, there’s zero chance of dogs noticing any distractions from outside the perimeter.

Aluminum Fences

Metal is known for being the most durable fencing material which makes it nearly invulnerable to damages caused by pets. But for those who are concerned with the spacing, the addition of puppy pickets along the bottom provides narrower gaps to help prevent larger animals from escaping.

Choosing The Best Option For Each Type Of Pet

Finding the best pet-friendly fence depends on the pet owner’s personal goals and situations. Those with well-behaved dogs may be able to get away with a wooden privacy fence, but vinyl privacy fences may be better for dogs that tend to bark at everything they see. Vinyl fences are also a great option for cat owners since the material is slippery and harder to climb and scale. Aluminum fencing is more suitable for larger breeds of dogs, especially with a puppy picket installed.

Where To Order Premium Pet-Friendly Fences

At American Wholesale Fenceworks, we have all kinds of pet-friendly fences for every type of pet owner. Call (888) 610-1756 to learn more about our products and to receive a material quote on your next order!