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What’s the Best Fence Type For Dogs?

If you own a dog, you’ve probably heard a lot of horror stories about these furry companions tearing up fences and breaking free. Other than keeping your pet inside, what else can you do to keep them safe? The experts at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are here to show you the best fence types for dogs!

Pressure-Treated Wood Privacy Fences

A wooden fence might be the last option on your mind after hearing about dogs chewing through the planks. However, pressure-treated pine is made with a special coating that toughens up the wood fibers so they’re harder to bite through. It also leaves a bad taste behind so your dog will likely find it unappetizing and leave it alone after the first attempt. By going with the privacy style, your dog will be less tempted by anything that they might find interesting on the other side. Pressure-treated wood can also be installed closer to the ground since it’s less prone to rotting, leaving less room underneath for digging holes.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fences are also tough enough to resist most attempts at biting and chewing since the material is extremely resilient. Because of its bendy and plastic-like traits, it doesn’t break so easily. Your dog will likely see it as another impenetrable wall such as the ones inside of your home rather than a means of escape. Many vinyl fence styles are made for privacy which will help keep your dog from getting excited over outside distractions. Like pressure-treated wood, vinyl can be installed flush to the ground, so your dog won’t be tempted to start digging underneath. If there’s no gap at the bottom, dogs won’t see the potential for a larger hole.

Close Space Aluminum Fences

You already know that your dog won’t be able to chew through an aluminum fence especially if it’s powder-coated aluminum, but you might be worried about the spacing of the poles and whether or not they’ll be able to squeeze through and escape. Aluminum fences can be custom-made for smaller gaps as seen in the close-space style where there’s not enough room for the average dog to fit through. If you’re still unsure, custom fencing has come a long way with many more options just for this occasion.

Add Puppy Pickets!

Puppy pickets are a simple yet useful addition to any aluminum fence. It consists of a row of shorter pickets that can be as tall as 1-2 feet placed along the bottom. This ensures much smaller gaps where your dog can reach while leaving regular-sized gaps in the upper portion of your fence for a more normal look.

Where to Get Dog-Friendly Fence Materials In Orlando

American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando has the fencing materials you need for any type of dog-friendly fence that’s best for you and your furry friend. You can go with any of our regular pre-made options or contact us with your custom idea and we’ll use our expertise to help make it happen. Call (407) 961-6073 for a free quote!