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Live In A Hilly Area? Don’t Let That Stop You From Adding A Fence To Your Property

Owning a property on flat land is ideal, but sometimes living on uneven ground can’t be helped. There will be plenty of challenges, with one of them being the topic of fencing. Many property owners will just skip the fence altogether since they don’t see it as a priority and thus one less thing to worry about. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here to explain the importance of fencing for properties in hilly areas and how to conquer this obstacle!

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Getting A Fence

Take a moment to think about the purpose of a fence. After being reminded of the security that they can bring to a property, it’s easy to see how properties in hilly areas are in the most need of the added protection.

Every Property Needs Security

Homes in the city, suburbs, or out in the countryside can all benefit from the protection of an expertly installed fence. Fences can deter trespassers, keep strangers from peeking, stop impactful winds, and much more.

Sloped or bumpy areas are especially dangerous in the sense that it’s easy for debris and other items to come tumbling down and plunge right into the side of the building, causing immense damage. Fences can stop or slow down the object’s momentum before it reaches the property.

Defining Property Lines

Properties on hills aren’t as consistent as housing that you would find in the city which makes it difficult for guests and passersby to distinguish boundaries. This can lead to confusion, and sometimes, unwanted conflicts. Fences can provide a clear distinction in areas that are a bit more sporadic.

Controlling Animal Traffic

Farms are commonly known for existing on inconsistent ground, but being without a fence is practically out of the question when there are livestock to protect and wild animals to keep out. Ranch rail fencing is ideal for farms because they’re functional and can easily be installed on sloped land.

Tips For Installing A Fence On Uneven Ground

Fences can look great on uneven ground with the right fence types and installation techniques. Three of the most common and effective ways to install fencing in hilly areas are the stepped, racked, and level-topped methods. The procedures for these installation methods often require the skilled hands of a seasoned expert who knows the importance of precise measuring, but the results will be worth the extra effort.

What Types Of Materials Should I Use?

Not every fence material may look great on uneven ground, so it helps to read up on what does work. For example, the “stepped” technique requires whole fence panels. For visually appealing fence panels that also provide protective and lasting benefits, PT pine wood and vinyl are a couple of great options.

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Get Hill-Friendly Fence Materials From American Wholesale Fenceworks

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