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Does Fencing Look Bad On Uneven Ground?

Installing a fence on a flat surface can feel like a piece of cake, but installing one on uneven ground requires an entirely different skill level. Even with professional installation by seasoned experts, is it possible to make fencing on sloped land look appealing? Fencing can look great no matter the situation as long as it’s done the right way and with the right materials which the fence specialists at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando will be showing you today!

The Difference Between Bumpy And Sloped Land

Before uncovering the possibilities with fencing on uneven ground, you must first determine the severity of the situation. If the landscape is flat for the most part but has various bumps and dips along the way, you can get away with a lot more compared to a property that has a deep and steady slope. A slightly bumpy ground can undergo the usual fence installation procedures with a few minor adjustments while slopes will require the use of special techniques which we’ll be diving into.

The Best Fence Installation Techniques For Any Situation

Depending on the gravity of the slope, there are a few different ways to handle the situation while still creating a great-looking fence despite the obstacles. The main techniques that work for sloped yards are stepped, level-topped, and racked.

Stepped Fencing

For incredibly deep slopes, the go-to installation style is usually the stepped fence method. This technique involves whole fence panels that are each placed lower than the one before it. The result is a staircase effect that is capable of going down the entire slope in a more satisfying way. This style also happens to be considered a desirable modern trend.

Level-Topped Fencing

The level-top method takes a bit more skill and involves a lot of math, but the efforts are worth it because the result is a regular straight fence that is even all throughout. This is possible by placing the posts where they’re needed and trimming them all down to meet at the same height. Sometimes, added soil will be needed to fill in any empty spaces below the fence. But when done correctly, it can give property owners the satisfaction of having a normal fence despite having an uneven yard.

Racked Fencing

Yes, it is possible to keep the fence the same and consistent and have it run along a hill without making any special adjustments. Some people don’t mind this look as long as it gets the job done, and if done right, it still doesn’t look half bad. Even while bending with the slope, the fence will still offer the appeal of an attractive fence.

Fence Types That Are Best For These Installation Techniques

After deciding on the best method, the next step is to identify the best types of fences for sloped yards. Since stepped fencing requires whole panels, both wood and vinyl panels are great for the job. For racked fencing, it’s best to have rails or horizontal pickets that can easily bend and contour with the slope. Even chain link fencing is a viable option. And with the level-top fence, almost any style will do!

Order Fence Materials For Uneven Ground From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

Need help finding the best fence materials to be installed on uneven ground? Call your reputable fence suppliers at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando at (407) 961-6073 to speak with our knowledgeable staff! We’ll offer the best types of fences for your next project and give you a material quote on your order.