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What Fence Panels Last the Longest?

When you’re investing in a new fence, the longevity and durability of your investment depends on the fencing material you choose. While many other concerns, like price, aesthetic appeal, and privacy are also important deciding factors, a low-maintenance, long-lasting fence is something home- and business-owners certainly find attractive. So, how do the most popular fencing materials stack up against each other? Here’s a look at which fence panels last the longest with minimal maintenance.


Not only is vinyl a great fencing option because it’s budget-friendly, but it’s also highly durable and requires very little maintenance. Vinyl fence panels can last for 20 years or even longer if installed properly and cleaned periodically with a simple soap and water solution.

Vinyl fencing panels—like the ones you’ll find at American Wholesale Fenceworks—hold up well to the elements, resisting pests, temperature fluctuations, chipping, fading, peeling, rusting, and rotting. If you’re looking for a long-lasting fence that looks just as great as it functions, vinyl is an excellent choice. It’s the perfect fencing material for keeping kids and pets contained and will serve its purpose for decades to come.


When it comes to affordable fencing, wood panels are ideal. While they’re great for your budget and give any property a charming, rustic look, they don’t hold up nearly as well as other materials like vinyl. If you order your wood fencing panels pre-stained from American Wholesale Fenceworks, all you have to do is install them properly for an enhanced aesthetic that’s made to last.

The type of wood you choose makes a big difference in terms of the longevity of your fence. While high-quality cedar panels can last up to 15 years, softer, more affordable woods like spruce or pine may only last five. If you treat or stain your fence every two years, you can increase its lifespan and keep it from weathering, but this is not a small maintenance task to undertake.


If you’re looking for a nice combination of beauty and strength in your new fence, aluminum panels are a great choice. This material can be shaped into unique, ornamental designs while providing decades of protection for your property.

As with most metal fences, aluminum should be treated with a rust-resistant finish every few years to prevent corrosion. Some aluminum fencing panels, like the ones you’ll find at American Wholesale Fenceworks are powder coated with special finishes that provide lasting protection from weather and corrosion. You can expect this low-maintenance fence to serve you well for 50 years or longer—it’s an excellent long-term investment for your property.

Find the Most Durable, Long-Lasting Fencing Panels at American Wholesale Fenceworks

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