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Best Fence Types For A Sloped Yard

It’s relatively easy to build a fence on a flat surface, but sloped yards come with a much greater challenge. You’ll find it much more difficult to account for the gaps along the bottom since your work area is inconsistent, and it takes more knowledge to understand what methods work and which ones don’t. If you need to secure a perimeter around a sloped yard, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are here to show you the best fence types for the job!

Picket Fences For Small Slopes

Some yards only have small bumps here and there, but that can still be enough to throw off your fence installation since you don’t want to have too big of a gap along the bottom. Even the shortest hills can be enough to cause these gaps, but this can be easily solved with picket fencing. This is because picket fences allow the flexibility to contour the planks over these hills so that it stays flush along the bottom as you go. When you go with a contoured fence like the scalloped style, it’s easier to hide any inconsistencies in the various curves and bends. This method is also adaptable since pickets come in both wood and vinyl.

Panel Fences For Larger Slopes

For slopes that are way too steep, you may want to consider stepped fences as a more modern approach to a difficult problem. The stepped style involves whole panels that become more elevated as you move upward for a satisfying stair effect. Panels can be made in an endless number of wood and vinyl varieties with interchangeable colors, patterns, and sizes for a truly unique look and an effective barrier for your sloped yard. White and colored vinyl panels are especially popular amongst newer houses.

Measure Twice, Install Once

Unlike contoured picket fences, it is nearly impossible to hide flaws when it comes to stepped panel fencing. The satisfying appeal is only possible with peak uniformity, almost like the feel of having zero cracks on a newly paved sidewalk. To prevent yourself from spending so much time and effort just to have a fault that sticks out like a sore thumb, be sure to double (and even triple) check your measurements before it’s too late to go back and fix things.

Chain Link Fences For Any Yard

Perhaps the easiest solution to a sloped yard is the chain link fence. This is because the wired material can easily bend over any bumps or hills since it can take on almost any shape. Chain link fences may not seem too appealing for home use at first thought, but there are modern approaches to this style. For starters, you can get vinyl-coated chain link fences in more pleasing colors like black, green, and brown. You can also change things up a bit by swapping out the metal post for wooden or vinyl ones. By mixing and matching the materials and colors, you can enjoy an exciting modern look for your home.

Equip Your Sloped Yard With Our Quality Fence Materials!

At American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando, we have all kinds of high-grade fencing materials that are perfect for your sloped yard! Just call (407) 961-6073 to ask our friendly staff about our wide selection and to get started on your custom order.