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Do Privacy Fences Deter Trespassers?

It may be common knowledge that privacy fences benefit homeowners and commercial property owners alike, but one of the shared traits that they all enjoy is the increased level of security. Aside from acting as a solid wall that’s set up outdoors, what are some of the more specific ways that this fence type can protect you? American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando will show you how privacy fences are able to deter trespassers.

Ways That Privacy Fences Deter Trespassers

Take a moment to think like a trespasser. What types of properties would be easy to infiltrate, and how much work would you have to put in to do so? When you think about it, privacy fences can cause the common trespasser to reconsider entering a property surrounded by a privacy fence and walk away instead.

It Stifles Visibility

When a trespasser can see what is on the other side of a fence, they can absorb the information that they receive from scouting the area and use that to come up with a plan to commit the crime with less risk. By hindering their visibility with a solid privacy fence, they will be unsure of what is on the other side and pass on the increased risks since they prefer easier targets.

They’re Difficult to Climb

Privacy fences (especially tall ones) can be difficult for trespassers to scale and climb over. Picket fences provide little nooks that can reveal leverage that people can use to grab a hold of and hoist themselves over. Privacy fences take away this advantage. This is also true for wild trespassers like animals, pests, and other wildlife.

It Sets A Clear Boundary

Not all trespassers intentionally invade properties. If there isn’t a clear boundary line, it can be easy for anyone to waltz in where they aren’t meant to be. Privacy fences provide a clear and solid indicator of where the boundary lines are to help keep people on the right path.

The Best Types of Effective Privacy Fencing

There are two common types of privacy fencing: Wood and vinyl. Each one does a great job of providing a secure barrier against trespassers, both intentional and unintentional. However, each has its benefits that cater to varying preferences:

  • Wooden privacy fences. This style is great for those who wish to keep a traditional look, and it is often considered more stylish with the option to choose between horizontal and vertical slats.
  • Vinyl privacy fences. Rather than installing vinyl pickets side-by-side, vinyl privacy fences are crafted in entire solid panels which eliminates even the smallest gaps.

The main takeaway is that privacy fencing can deter trespassers whether it be made with wood or vinyl. The main way to guarantee optimal security is by ordering fence materials from a reputable fence supplier that offers premium products.

Get Premium-Quality Privacy Fences At American Wholesale Fenceworks

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