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5 Reasons We Recommend Ranch Rail Fencing For Any Farm

Owning and running a farm can be an ordeal with every expense being a large one. It’s only natural for farmers to search for ways to cut costs for every asset, and fences are no exception. And of course the larger the farm, the more expensive the fence will be. American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares will be presenting 5 reasons why we recommend ranch rail fencing for any farm with these common obstacles in mind.

What Is A Ranch Rail Fence?

What defines ranch rail fencing? It’s easily described as the traditional kind of fencing that one would imagine for farms, consisting of simple posts connected by horizontal planks that are wedged in. This style may feel old-school, but there are a few good reasons why many farmers still utilize this method. Ranch rail fencing has seen many improvements over the years as well, in both design and composition with the option to choose between wooden and vinyl materials. Either way, one can expect the following benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Coverage

When accounting for acreage, the cost of fence materials per unit quickly adds up with the larger the property. Since ranch rail fences are made up of a simple style with minimal steps in production, it’s typically offered at a much lower price than other fence types. The price difference between a ranch rail fence and a regular picket fence for farms can range anywhere from the hundreds to even the thousands.

2. Easy Installation Process

Another perk to having a simple design is the priceless convenience of easy installation. Normally, there would be many complex steps to installing a typical picket fence which can take hours or days to complete, as well as precious energy that could be spent elsewhere. The process of installing a ranch rail fence, on the other hand, only consists of planting the posts and fitting the rails into the designated holes.

3. Low-Effort Maintenance

Ranch rail fencing doesn’t require much upkeep to maintain. There are fewer materials touching the ground, thus lessening the chances of any boards needing to be replaced due to rot or deterioration. The railing will stay functional for years unattended, especially when crafted with vinyl.

4. Multi-Level Protection

What do farms need protection from? Oftentimes, the concern is whether anything will escape, such as livestock. If a ranch rail fence is enough to deter livestock from attempting an escape, that also means that any wildlife outside of the fence will also feel discouraged from trying to enter and trespass.

5. Clear And Distinguishable Boundary Lines

The bigger the farm, the more likely it is for anyone to accidentally wander onto the property without even knowing. Ranch rail fencing has a very bold and distinct appearance that’s difficult to overlook, so it’s the best choice for defining clear boundary lines to help prevent any unintentional trespassing.

Order Ranch Rail Fencing From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

There are so many reasons why ranch rail fencing is the most ideal style for farms which is why we proudly offer them at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares! We carry all kinds of farm fencing in both wood and vinyl to cater to any type of property. Call our helpful staff today at (888) 610-1756 for more information about our farm fence products and to receive a material quote!