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6 Things To Consider When Installing Farm Fencing

Farmland owners are usually too busy running the place to install their own fencing, so you can bet that they’ll call their local contractors to take care of it for them! How can you be prepared to offer better products and services than the competition? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta are here with things to consider when installing farm fencing.

1. Establish the Purpose of the Fence

Everyone knows that a fence is there to protect your perimeter. But who (or what) is being protected? The farm fence in question might need to be able to safely keep in horses, or it might just need to act as a visual aid for establishing the boundary of the property. There are a number of reasons for a farm fence and figuring out the property owner’s exact goals is essential in determining what type of fence can best fit their needs.

2. Go Over All Style Options For Wooden Farm Fences

Wooden farm fences are still very popular for many reasons. They’re durable, easy to install and maintain, and are the best for promoting cozy vibes with their rustic charm. Most people would be able to point out a farm fence immediately, but not many of them know that there are so many different styles. The kind you see most is the split rail fence that can come in 2, 3, or 4-count rails depending on the level of protection needed. They can also be built with rounded or square edges.

3. Need Wire Reinforcement? Discuss Flexibility vs Strength

As you can imagine with split rail fencing, some critters can easily slip through the gaps between the planks. You can offer greater security with field fences that are lined with wire to help prevent this from happening. Woven wire comes with tensile strength and flexibility which can be safer from an animal’s perspective since the material tends to give in a little for some recoil. If security is the highest priority, then welded wire can be better for the job since it doesn’t budge under pressure.

4. Find the Most Economical Option While Meeting Goals

Now that you have more knowledge about the various qualities that make up a farm fence, the next step to becoming the top choice for fence contracting is to figure out what fits your client’s goals and offer the most affordable solution for acreage. Nothing is better than getting a fence that meets your criteria on a budget while avoiding the high premium prices of fencing that’s much more extravagant than what you asked for.

5. Be Transparent About Any Available Warranties

What’s better than saving money? Being protected under warranties. By advertising various warranties to your clients, they will see more value in your products and services which will help their decision to go with you as their contractor. Just remember to lay out all of the warranties that they’ll be receiving so they’re aware of the details should they need them. For instance, some wood species for split rail fencing come with a 30-year warranty against rot. Of course, that’s just one example out of many.

6. Determine the Best Place To Buy Supplies

How are you going to offer a wide selection of styles with great pricing and warranties? You’ll have to find the best supplier of farm fences that can deliver straight to you. If you operate in Georgia, American Wholesale Fenceworks is a great place to order everything you need for your next project.

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