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Best Types of Fencing for Horses

Need a durable fence to keep your horses contained at your farm or ranch property? Whether you run a boarding facility, a busy farm, an animal sanctuary, or anything else, you need fencing that’s safe for horses under all circumstances. Here’s an introduction to the best types of fencing for horses, so you can choose the right option for your property.

Split Rail

There’s nothing quite like the rustic charm of a split rail fence—it’s the perfect choice for any farm or agricultural property. Best of all, it’s affordable, too! You’ll find a wide range of two- and three-rail options at American Wholesale Fenceworks. Made from pressure-treated poplar that’s backed by a generous 30-year warranty against rot, your new split rail fence will look great and function well for years to come.

Ranch Rail

While ranch rail fences are similar to split rail, they provide a bit of a stylistic twist. Ranch rail fences are another type of rail system fence, but they offer a cleaner, sleeker look than split rail. They provide much more versatility in both structure and design compared to split rail fences.

Ranch rail fences can be made with two, three or four rails, depending on the look you want and the gap space you need. You can even add horizontal members to reinforce the fence panels and add some unique, charming style.

Woven Wire

Woven wire fencing is one of the most inexpensive options to keep horses contained. Most woven wire fences are made from a top and bottom board, with the wire mesh in between that offers exceptional visibility and durability.

V-mesh wire, or no-climb fencing, is one of the safest fencing options on the market for both people and animals. Its diamond pattern keeps horses in and other animals out. While this is the most expensive wire fence on the market, it’s still an affordable option that requires little to no maintenance when installed correctly. American Wholesale Fences stocks a wide range of woven wire options that increase the protection of your property and keep horses safely contained.


While vinyl, or PVC, fencing is very durable and aesthetically appealing, it’s also an expensive option when you need fencing for horses. Vinyl fences last incredibly long when installed correctly—they’re virtually impervious to the elements, and their smooth surfaces make them safe for humans and horses to interact with.

American Wholesale Fenceworks Is Your One-Stop-Shop for High-Quality Farm and Ranch Fencing Solutions

American Wholesale Fenceworks knows that when you’re looking for a fence to keep your horses contained, you want the best combination of safety, durability, aesthetic appeal, and value. After all, you want the very best for your animals. We carry a full range of farm and agricultural fencing solutions—everything you need to complete nearly any farm or agricultural fence. Contact our expert team today at (888) 610-1756 to learn more and to get assistance for your farm/ranch fence project!