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What Is The Cheapest Fencing For Acreage?

When owning a farm (or any large plot of land), securing your perimeter is especially crucial for keeping your assets inside and letting others know the boundaries of your property. The bigger the land, the more materials you’ll need to get the job done. If cost is a factor, you may be wondering what’s the cheapest fencing for acreage. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks will let you in on the most practical and cost-effective fence types for such an occasion!

The Most Practical Option For Acreage

Chain link fences are, without a doubt, the cheapest fence type for dealing with acreage. Since it only consists of posts and wire, the cost of materials is minimal which makes it easy to cover more ground on a budget. However, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it feels cheap. Today, chain link fences come with many benefits while offering a low-price tag. Therefore, aside from farms, chain link fences are also a popular choice for factories, schools, sports facilities, government properties, and any other large establishments that can span many acres.

Tensile Strength and Flexibility

Wire fences might seem like they can’t hold their own, but that’s not always true. Because of how they’re made, it’s actually incredibly difficult to break through the wire, especially without the help of tools. You can go with welded wire for unmovable strength, or woven wire for the utmost flexibility.

Galvanized Steel vs Vinyl-Coated Wire

Other than the way in which your chain link fence is crafted, you can also choose from different materials like galvanized steel and vinyl-coated aluminum. Each kind is beneficial in its own way, with galvanized steel being tougher and vinyl-coated aluminum being resistant to corrosion. You can even ask for your vinyl in other colors like black, green, or brown.

Get It Personalized!

Just when you thought you already had plenty of options, ordering your fence from a quality distributor can give you many more opportunities. At American Wholesale Fenceworks, you can even choose the height, thickness, and mesh size of your fence to better fit your exact specifications!

Common Mesh Sizes

● 1’ mini mesh

● 1 ¾’ tennis mesh

● 2’ standard mesh

Ranch Rail Fences Are A Close Second

If you want a more classic look for your farm that’s still less expensive than traditional fencing when considering acreage, ranch rails are also a very popular choice. Also known as split rail fencing, they only consist of whole planks or posts that are fitted together for easy assembly; and it gets the job done. These types of fences are typically made of wood, but now you can get them in modern vinyl for a more consistent appeal.

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