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Here Are The Different Types Of Gates, Based On Their Functions

Not all gates are made the same, and choosing the wrong kind could put a damper on certain expectations. That’s why it helps to identify the desired goal and overall reason for installing a gate before jumping in, and we’re here to help! The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta have put together this useful guide on gate types based on their functionality.

Swinging Gate Types: Evaluating Flexibility In Style

It’s common to see swinging gates being used for residential housing and estates for a number of reasons. Swinging gates can come in single or double-swing varieties and are an excellent choice for promoting an elegant or ornate appearance and aesthetic. Swinging gates are often paired with a pedestrian gate off to the side for visitors who arrive by foot rather than by vehicle. These gates are typically accessed or controlled by a keypad, motion sensor, or tele-entry system. One of the main advantages that swinging gates have over other styles is the fact that they can be customized in a variety of ways for a unique look, sometimes combining materials like metal and wood.

Sliding Gate Types For An Easy And Practical Experience

Sliding gates are often preferred for their practicality. They fulfill the same purpose as swinging gates in the sense that they offer security and a means of automated entry, but they can be more convenient in a couple of ways. Sliding gates are faster since they don’t need to take the time to swing open, and that also means that they don’t require a lot of space in front of them to function properly. This is why sliding gates are popular with commercial facilities that see a lot of traffic and value time for productivity.

Some examples of popular sliding gates include:

  • V-track gates which utilize tracks to slide panels across.
  • Cantilever gates that use wheels to roll panels across.
  • I-beam gates with overhead bars that carry panels across.

Choosing The Right Type Of Gate

Choosing between swinging and sliding gates can be as simple as evaluating the property and identifying the main goal of the gate. Is the property residential or commercial? Is the gate meant to prioritize functionality, or is the purpose to add curb appeal and boost property value? Our base recommendation would be to choose swinging gates for an ornate look and sliding gates for business or commercial use, but the choice isn’t always that simple. Some homeowners may prefer a sliding gate, or some businesses may benefit from the appeal of a swinging gate. In this case, you can always ask for an expert’s opinion.

Where To Get Premium Gate Products In Atlanta

To speak with a professional about the different gate functions and for recommendations, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta for platinum service in finding the best products for you and receiving competitive pricing followed by fast delivery. You can count on us for all of your fencing and gate needs with decades of collective experience to rely on. Ask about getting a material quote on your next order!