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Can Automated Gates Raise Your Property Value? Yes, Here’s How

Anyone who is considering adding an automated gate to their property may be wondering if it’s worth it to get one installed. Yes, they come with great benefits, but do those benefits translate to increased property value? It’s safe to say that automated gates do, in fact, raise property value and American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta is here to show you how.

Automated Gates Control Who Can Enter The Property

You may not be surprised to hear that adding security to any property can raise its value, but automated gates offer a little extra. Rather than having a gate that simply opens and closes, automated gates in various styles can be paired with various types of access products which require certain permissions to enter. That way, only those who have authority from the property owner will be able to get through. Having this increased level of security has the potential to increase property values much more than regular manual gates.

Metal Gates Offer Valuable Durable Materials

No matter how it’s presented, durable materials like most metals can quite literally add more to a property and increase its value. As long as it’s in the form of a permanent fixture like a fence or gate, heavy or durable metal such as steel or aluminum is just more that can be tacked on to a property’s list of items that make up its overall value. Automated gates are made up of loads of metal components in the form of both bulk pieces and smaller, intricate parts for the technological devices used to run the system. In that sense, there’s no doubt that automated gates raise a property’s value.

Ornate Gates Give Properties Immense Curb Appeal

One of the most important factors that determine a property’s value is its curb appeal. When people shop for a new home, their first impression of a house is always from the front exterior of the property. Oftentimes, the exterior look becomes the deciding factor on whether or not someone chooses to buy the house. Automated gates, especially those made with an ornate style, give a house a sort of elegance that makes it much more stunning and exciting. Curb appeal can affect property value by a great amount, and installing an automated gate is a surefire way to steer it in the right direction.

Order State-Of-The-Art Automated Gate Systems From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta offers automated gates in all sorts of styles and access products. And with our ability to craft custom parts, you can order unique gates for a one-of-a-kind property! Our gates can be applied to aluminum, steel, and even chain link fencing for a wide range of possibilities. Some of our access products include:

  • Card readers
  • Keypads
  • Motion sensors
  • Tele-entry systems
  • Transmitters and receivers
  • Closed-circuit TVs
  • Camera systems
  • Loop detectors
  • Maglocks
  • Pedestrian door systems
  • And more!

Call American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta to speak with one of our specialists about the different types of automated gates and access products that can help increase property value! After finding what you’re looking for, we’ll give you a material quote on your order before shipping it out with timely and accurate delivery.