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What Are the Different Types of Automated Gates?

You know you want an automated gate for your property, but do you know the different kinds to choose from? There are so many types of automated gates, all with different functions catering to different needs, and learning about them all can be a daunting task. You can skip the research and come to a decision sooner with the help of knowledgeable professionals from American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares!

Single Swing Gates

The single swing style is the simplest form of an automated gate and requires minimal equipment to run. It consists of a singular gate and one motor to swing it open. This is the type of gate that you’re more likely to see on residential property as it is the most cost-effective way to protect your driveway. If you have the clearance available to accommodate the swing distance, this is an excellent option.

Double Swing Gates

This style of gate works similarly to that of the single-gate version, except that it consists of two gates operated by motors located at each side of the opening. Since you’re basically splitting the size of the gate between two separate pieces you only need room for half of the swing distance that you would with a single gate. This option is also great for residential homes as it’s relatively simple to install and makes for a grand entrance.

V-Track Gates

Rather than swinging open wide, v-track automated gates slide across a beam for easy access. Since the gate is guided off to the side rather than pulled outward, you don’t need to account for swing distance and this method tends to operate much faster. This is one style that’s appropriate for both residential and commercial use depending on how it’s styled.

Cantilever Gates

The main difference between a cantilever gate and one that runs on a v-track is that cantilever gates run on wheels rather than a track. More specifically, the wheels are located on the top and bottom of the setup. This style is commonly used in commercial or industrial settings where you need adequate security around the perimeter while allowing easy access for those with permission to enter. This makes the Cantilever gate one of the most popular automated gate types available.

Box Frame Gates

Imagine two cantilever gates placed together with some width apart for a box-like structure. Box Frame gates are typically built tougher than average, and the double-walled composition adds more security for facilities that require extra protection.

Overhead I-Beam Gates

I-beam gates also run on wheels, but all the wheels are located on an overhead beam. This allows the gate to completely hover over the ground for a levitating system. Gates of this style are typically built to be much larger and heavier for a sturdier outcome. Box frame gates also help maintain a vehicle height limit since the overhead bar lays over the top of the opening.

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No matter what style of automated gate you want for your property, both residential and commercial, American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares has every type you could possibly want with a wide variety of access control products to fit your needs! Just call (888) 610-1756 to ask about our inventory and to receive a material estimate.