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5 Popular Automated Gate Types for 2023

Whether you want better perimeter control, enhanced security, convenient access, or even increased curb appeal, an automated gate can provide several distinct benefits. When you think of automated gates, you probably think of huge mansions or industrial facilities, but the truth is, nearly every type of property can benefit from these great features. Here are five popular automated gate types for 2023, so you can choose the option that’s best for your property.

1. Single Swing

Whether you need an automated gate for your driveway, a fence, or any other opening, a single swing, or “walk” gate, could be the solution. Depending on the materials used and the purpose of the gate, single swings can be constructed in widths from three feet to 20 or more. They can incorporate latching and self-closing hardware for use around swimming pools, driveways, and more.

2. Double Swing

The typical double swing gate includes two leaves that meet to enclose a larger opening. They can be constructed for a variety of fences, including chain-link, vinyl, wood, ornamental steel, and more. You’ll often find double swing gates referred to as “Estate Gates,” used to control access to a property via a motorized gate operator. The operator can be opened and closed using garage door-style transmitters, card readers, keypads, and more, and the gate can be configured to automatically close after a car enters or leaves the property.

3. Cantilever

Usually referred to as a “sliding” gate, the cantilever gate is one of the most common automated gate types. The gate itself usually doesn’t touch the ground—instead, it’s supported by rollers that attach to a gate post on one side of the opening. These gates can be used with all types of fences, but they do require a steel or aluminum frame. You can even customize cantilever gates to look like Estate Gates, covering them with wood, vinyl, or other materials. Like swing gates, they can be automated for easy access.

4. Overhead I-Beam

Have a tough closure problem that requires securing a large through-way? An overhead I-beam gate could be the best solution. Overhead I-beam gates are ideal for full automation, and they’re often integrated with key card access or radio remote. These gates can be integrated with automated access control. They’re also highly reliable since they’re fully supported as they travel through the opening via the overhead track.

5. Vertical Lift

If there’s no storage space on the side of an opening—or if a swing gate is impractical—a vertical lift gate may suit your purposes. Like overhead I-beam gates, they’re commonly used for industrial purposes. They incorporate columns on either side of the gate that allow it to rise straight up, and a counterbalance or spring easily lifts the gate up and down through an electric gate operator. These gates can be fully automated to support your purposes.

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