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7 Types Of Businesses That Need Commercial Fencing

All businesses can benefit from a commercial fence, but certain industries practically require a fence for security or foot traffic. If you’re a business owner yourself, you may be wondering if you really need a commercial fence or which style and material is best for you. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks put together this useful guide on what types of businesses need commercial fencing along with great recommendations!

1. Industrial Facilities

Factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities need maximum security so that everything runs smoothly with minimal criminal activity. Even accidental trespassers can be enough to disrupt workflow or compromise the product. For a high-security fence type that can help keep unauthorized individuals or animals at bay, chain link fencing is ideal for its tensile strength and compatibility with automated gate systems.

2. Financial And Other Confidential Services

Businesses that offer services centered around sensitive information like financing, insurance, taxes, and anything else that clients would like to keep confidential can make use of a privacy fence to help them feel safer while communicating or making transactions. Privacy fences can come in wood or vinyl, and each has its benefits. Vinyl privacy fences are easier to take care of and emit a contemporary aura while wooden privacy fences can be made durable and are great for a classic and homey appeal.

3. Schools and Daycares

Fencing is essential when watching after children or pets, especially when looking after large groups at a time. For this use, many types of fences can get the job done. Picket fences are still adequate for keeping children and pets within boundaries, but privacy fences can add more security by shielding them from wandering eyes. If you’re only caring for animals, a strong aluminum or steel fence with close spacing can keep in even the most ambitious pets. The addition of puppy pickets along the bottom will help with smaller animals.

4. Residential And Apartment Complexes

Many individuals actively look for gated communities to reside in for extra security surrounding their living space. In that sense, both residential and apartment complexes can appear more attractive to prospective residents just by including a commercial fence to border the property. Ornate aluminum fences are a great cost-effective option that sets a clear boundary while maintaining curb appeal. Metal fences are also compatible with automated gate systems, including number pads for exclusive access.

5. Sporting Facilities

Fields designed for sport need tall wire fences to catch and stop balls from going out of bounds which can be dangerous to those passing by outside of the facility. Woven wire fences are ideal for their flexibility which helps balls bounce back to where it’s needed.

6. Car Dealerships

Commercial fences can help keep cars from getting stolen from dealership lots after business hours. Any metal fence that can support gates like chain link, aluminum, or steel is great for this use. After getting a strong and durable security fence, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that your inventory is relatively safe.

7. Restaurants And Cafes

Although it’s not completely necessary to build a fence around your restaurant or cafe, having an ornate fence around the property can attract more customers just by curb appeal. Vinyl fencing can be crafted in many styles and can even come in colors other than white. You can also install custom fence toppers or post caps for a unique flair. Of course, you can also opt for a classic wooden picket fence for a cozier approach.

Find The Perfect Commercial Fence For Your Business!

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