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What Are The Benefits Of An Automated Gate For Your Home?

Not all homes have automated gates, but making the choice to get one installed can make a huge difference in so many ways. Oftentimes, homeowners end up getting a decent return on their investment which only adds to the list of benefits. But what else can these gate systems provide? American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando is here to explain the benefits that an automated gate can bring to any home.

A House’s Property Value Can Spike Up To 5%

When deciding to sell a house, smart homeowners will actively look for ways to raise their property value for a greater sale. There are many ways to make a substantial difference, and installing an automated gate is one of them. Automated gate systems can increase a home’s property value by as much as 5% which is quite a large amount when you consider the math. For instance, a home that would normally go for $300,000 can jump up to $315,000 just by adding an automated gate to the end of the driveway.

Transitioning From An Ordinary House To A Grand Residence

If raising property value is the goal, then curb appeal should come secondary. After all, there’s no point in a higher selling price if no one cares to buy the house. Thankfully, automated gates come in various styles that can accomplish both goals with flying colors. These gate systems can be seen as elegant, ornate, and high-end which are excellent qualities that prospective buyers will gladly pay for. With the right materials, any average-looking home can transform into what appears to be a small estate with the allure of luxury.

Exclusivity Through Security By Authorized Access

In terms of practical benefits, automated gates are still a great investment as it adds invaluable security to any home. The tall and imposing gates can effortlessly deter anyone who is not welcome on the property, and those who are authorized can easily let themselves in with various access control systems. Depending on the type of property and the homeowner’s preferences, a guest can open the gate by entering a code, using a keycard, or buzzing in to ask for passage. Having peace of mind knowing that people won’t have an easy time trespassing is truly priceless.

Ruling Out The Hassles Of Manual Gates

Manual gates may cost less, but people who choose this option tend to pay for it in lack of practicality. Unless someone is already standing at the gate to open it, one would have to step out of their vehicle to open the gate before getting back inside to drive through, only to go back and close the gate once more. This major flaw almost defeats the purpose of having a gate which is why many homeowners will gladly opt for automated gate systems instead.

Order State-Of-The-Art Automated Gate Systems From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

At American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando, you can order from a vast catalog of automated gate products that are great for home use like single-swing, double-swing, v-track, and cantilever gates and more. You can also ask us about our available access control products by calling our team of specialists at (407) 961-6073! Get started on a material quote today.