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What Fence Types Are Best For Keeping Wildlife Away From My Yard?

Nothing gets the heart pumping faster than seeing an unwelcome critter scavenging through the backyard, regardless of how big or small. On a never-ending quest for survival, wild animals will do what they can to find nourishment and shelter. There’s no reason to make the job easy for them which is why the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks are here to introduce you to the best fence types for keeping wildlife out of the yard.

The most effective fence types for keeping wildlife out of the yard are devoid of gaps to be used as entry points, such as privacy fencing. Fences that display tensile strength can also help keep them out. But first, you should know what you’re up against:

Types of Wildlife to Account For:

The most common types of wildlife that you’ll find in the backyard range from small critters like squirrels and raccoons to larger animals like deer and coyotes. There are many reasons why these creatures would bypass the perimeter and tread uncharted territory:

  • To scrounge around for sustenance
  • To find safe shelter for the night
  • To sate their instinctive curiosity

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Whether your location tends to see smaller or larger animals, there’s a fence type that can help prevent them from trespassing. Let’s take a look at a few of our best examples:

Tall Privacy Fences Are The Best Animal Deterrent

Living near preserved natural landscapes comes with its benefits, like being a short drive away from camping adventures or venues used for extreme outdoor activities. But of course, these areas come with rather annoying downsides like pests that are troublesome to deal with. Property owners may encounter deer near the forest or coyotes near the desert. There are also elk, wolves, moose, and much more to worry about. However, these otherwise majestic creatures will usually enter yards only when the payout is worth the risk. In this case, obstructing their view is often enough to keep them uninterested.

A tall privacy fence can prevent large animals from acquiring a visual of a certain need, whether it be food or shelter. Taller fences can also stop more athletic wildlife (like deer) from simply hopping over the border. Fence toppers can also be installed on existing fences to extend their height.

Prevent Climbing And Burrowing With Metal Fencing

Not all menaces are the big kind. Sometimes, the more frustrating and persistent annoyances are smaller in stature. We’re talking about the ones that can climb walls or burrow underneath structures, such as raccoons, squirrels, possums, rabbits, and groundhogs. Take a look at these fence types for fending off these pests:

  • Ornate metal fences, especially the powder-treated kind, have a texture that makes it incredibly difficult for even the most determined animals to climb as they’ll just slide down the pole.
  • Chain link fences are sometimes enough to deter rodents from trying to burrow underneath. Its flexible nature bounces back from any attempt to cross it, causing most small animals to give up almost instantly.

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The Effectiveness Of Ranch Rail Fences

A ranch rail fence, especially when reinforced with welded wire, can also be effective in establishing dominance and deterring wildlife from entering the premises. Before brushing off the idea of this fence type as only being acceptable for a farm, you should know that ranch rail fencing has now become suitable for residential properties like those in rural areas.

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