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Lesser-Known Benefits of Chain Link Fencing For Any Florida Property

Contrary to what you might see on a regular day, chain link fences are no longer restricted to just your run-down baseball field or local school grounds. Thanks to years of dedicated engineering, this fence type has become one of the most desirable to Florida residents. To catch you up to speed, read on to discover the lesser-known benefits of chain link fencing for any Florida property before reaching out to your trusted and reliable fence suppliers at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares!

Chain Link Fences Are Suitable For Residential Properties

We’ve moved past the days when chain link fencing was only appropriate for commercial buildings and other public facilities. Now made with enhanced metal varieties and protective coatings, chain link fences can maintain their appearance much longer so that they don’t negatively impact the curb appeal of a residential home!

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Chain Link Fencing Is Practically Hurricane-Proof

Relentless rain, spontaneous storms, and seasonal hurricanes are all capable of wearing down a fence (or damaging it entirely). Chain link fences made of galvanized steel are practically unaffected by most Florida hurricanes, being able to prevent rust and allow enough airflow to evade high winds. As long as the posts are nice and secure, you’re set for success.

How Long Does Galvanized Steel Last?

High-quality chain link fences made of premium galvanized steel can last up to 20 years or longer with expert installation and regular care. This makes it a top choice for cost-effective and long-lasting fence types.

You Can Customize The Appearance of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences often suffer the stigma of being bland and unattractive, but that’s no longer the case. Silver may suffice for most public facilities, but vinyl coating now offers homeowners a chance to match their exterior aesthetic with a more exciting color palette including tones like green, brown, and black.

It’s Easy And Affordable to Repair A Chain Link Fence

Unlike replacing a wooden plank or an entire vinyl privacy panel, repairing a damaged chain link fence is as cheap as purchasing replacement links and patching up the area that’s been compromised. The difference in cost can be enough to celebrate with a well-deserved treat bought with your savings!

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Automatic Gates Are Compatible With Chain Link Fencing

When most people think of automated gates, they imagine intricate estate gates made of ornamental aluminum, wood, or even vinyl. These types of gates are always well worth the investment, and you don’t have to miss out on the benefits when you go with a chain link fence instead. Gate automation is still fitting for chain link fences, especially when designed with a sliding track.

Types of Gates That Work With Chain Link Fences

The best types of gates to use with chain link fencing are usually the sliding kind. Depending on the type of property, one can choose between v-track, cantilever, box frame, and overhead I-beam sliding gate automation to best fit their needs.

Pests Have No Interest In Chain Link Fences

Pest control is almost always on the back burner for those who own an average wooden fence. But unlike wood, the galvanized steel that’s used in modern and improved chain link fencing is practically immune to pest activity. Bugs, rodents, and other animals have no interest in biting and chewing through the steel due to its tensile durability and lack of sustainable nutrients.

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