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Is Chain Link Fencing A Smart Investment For Residential Properties?

Who would have thought to use chain link fencing for homes? After exclusively seeing them being used for public facilities like schools and sporting arenas, we don’t blame you for still being skeptical. However, the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando invite you to step outside of the box and imagine how modern chain link fencing can be a smart investment for residential properties.

New and improved chain link fencing can be a smart investment for residential properties due to its affordability while still offering ample security, longevity, and flexibility all without being an eyesore. Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible given the bad rap that this material often receives:

The Cost OF Chain Link Fencing – The Best In Affordability

The easiest thing to believe about chain link fencing is that it comes cheap. The word “cheap” is often seen in a negative context, but in this case, it’s something to celebrate! By definition, a smart investment is something that is obtained at a low cost but provides enough benefits to supersede the price. In other words, it is something that provides great value. So while chain link fences are among the most affordable fence materials, remember that fact as we move on to all of its other wonderful traits.

How Chain Link Fences Look On Residential Properties

Let’s get the largest concern out of the way, first. No one wants tacky-looking chain link fencing in their front yard. The wired makeup is hard to look past, and it tends to lean one way or another over time which makes it even more unappealing. What you just imagined is the old type of chain link fence without all of the great modern enhancements.

Modern chain link fences are built differently than what you’re used to. Take these benefits, for example:

  • High-quality fence posts keep chain link sheets from leaning
  • Privacy slats or screens can be used to limit exposure
  • Vinyl coating can come in various colors
  • Choose between welded and woven wire
  • Chain link fencing can be installed on sloped or uneven yards

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Two Effective Ways To Upgrade Chain Link Fences

Another perk to ordering modern chain link fencing from a fence wholesaler is the ability to enhance your fence with either vinyl coating or galvanized steel. Vinyl-coated chain link fences offer more flexibility in design with additional color options to choose from, and galvanized fences are a long-lasting option with protection from rust and erosion. If you’re not sure which upgrade to go with, you can always ask your trusted wholesale fence specialists!



● Many available colors

● Long-lasting

● Adds corrosion resistance

● Easy installation

● More affordable

● Low-maintenance

● Stronger and more durable

● Rust and corrosion resistance

● Long-lasting

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Order Residential Chain Link Fences At American Wholesale Fenceworks

American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando offers top-quality chain link fences with many customization options. You can order your chain link fence either galvanized or vinyl-coated, and you can choose between welded or woven wire. View our selection of chain link fence options before calling our specialists at (407) 961-6073 for a material quote!