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Can I Extend The Height Of My Fence? When To Fix vs Replace

Fences are a rather permanent installation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be altered after the fact. It’s possible to extend the height of a fence with certain add-ons like toppers or post caps from your local fence supplier. But an evaluation should come first to find out if an extension is really the best option or if it’s better to install an entirely new fence instead. Whether you need a new fence or fence accessories, American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares has what you need!

Why Do People Want Their Fence Extended?

Not everyone has the foresight to have their fence installed to the exact height they need the first time around, or someone may buy a property with a pre-installed fence that doesn’t meet expectations. There are plenty of reasons to need a fence extension, such as:

  • The need to meet city, state, or HOA fence height regulations.
  • A desire for more privacy from neighbors or the general public.
  • Trouble with pets or wild animals jumping over the fence.

Many of these issues can be resolved with just a slight alteration. For example, fence toppers can add more privacy for someone who simply wants to obstruct their neighbor’s view of the backyard. Oftentimes, a small repair like this can work just fine without needing to replace the fence altogether.

Figuring Out If An Extension Really The Best Choice

An extension can be the better choice if the fence is still rather new or is in pristine condition. It wouldn’t make sense to tear down a perfectly good fence just because it needs to be a bit taller, and that’s when it becomes more appropriate to remedy the situation with some creative thinking.

How To Add Height To An Existing Fence

One of the easiest ways to add more height to an existing fence is by attaching a fence topper along the top of the fence all across the perimeter. Fence toppers can come in a variety of styles like a trellis or lattice pattern to meet height requirements with curb appeal, or a closed topper to maintain a level of privacy.

A couple of other ways you can extend a fence is to double-up on the boards by installing longer pickets along the existing fence, almost like the board-on-board method. You can also heighten the fence posts with post caps which come with additional benefits.

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Times When It’s Better To Replace The Fence

Even with so many effective methods for extending the height of an existing fence, there will be times when replacing the fence instead is the more practical and cost-effective choice. If the current fence is too old or damaged, it will be time for a new one soon anyway. On other occasions, a fence might still be under the required height limit even with the assistance of a topper.

Getting a new fence installed could be an excellent opportunity to upgrade the property with fence types that can increase property value. For top-quality fences near you, American Wholesale Fenceworks has an outstanding selection for you to choose from.

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