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Does Capping Fence Posts Help Prevent Rot? Yes, Here’s How

There’s nothing quite like the familiar look of a classic wooden fence. Unfortunately, they can come with great repercussions when not taken care of properly. But what else can be done to a wooden fence to make it last longer? Stains and sealants are a couple of the most common ways to improve longevity, but there’s another useful component that’s frequently overlooked. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks will be explaining how capping fence posts helps prevent rot.

Why Do Wooden Fence Posts Rot?

Fence posts are made to be the strongest part of any fence. They act as the foundation, holding the rest of the fence in place even in the midst of high winds or rainfall. But without proper protection, even these strong posts can wear down and deteriorate. When exposed, the tops of wooden fence posts can rot from moisture, warp from direct sunlight, or split and crack. Once the post loses strength, so does the rest of the fence. This is why postcaps are often considered an essential and integral part of any fence.

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Fence Post Caps: Explained

The name can be self-explanatory, but post caps are components that are placed on top of fence posts to help protect and preserve them. As mentioned earlier, the tops of fence posts are usually the first part to experience rot from exposure to the elements. By covering up the ends of the wood fibers that are found at the top of the post with a post cap, rot can be easily prevented.

Postcaps are also where property owners can get creative since they come in various colors, materials, and styles. It’s perfectly normal (and common) for aluminum post caps to be used on a wooden fence post for added protection and a unique look using mixed materials. Caps can come flat or decorative, but either kind is fully capable of preventing rot.

A Closer Look At Post Cap Styles

Post caps can be made from vinyl, steel, or aluminum, and they’re all effective in protecting wooden posts from water damage. For something that is purely functional, flat post caps will do the job just fine while offering a simple look. But for those who want to get creative, ball, federation, New England, and gothic postcap styles present a greater variety for achieving different aesthetics.

Are Post Caps Absolutely Necessary?

It’s technically possible to own a wooden fence without postcaps, but there will be a noticeable difference in expected lifespans. Normally, a wooden fence without post caps will only last as long as 10 years, or 15 years with regular maintenance. However, a wooden fence with the protection of post caps can stretch that lifespan by up to 50 years. Needless to say, it’s worth it to invest in postcaps to avoid getting a new fence more often than necessary.

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