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Our Ultimate Guide To Fence Posts

Installing a brand-new fence for the first time can be a daunting (and sometimes frustrating) task that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Building your own fence should be a fun and rewarding activity, so we’re here to help! The experts at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando are here to teach you all about fence posts in this ultimate guide.

Is a Fence Post Essential to Building a Fence?

Fence posts are how the main part of your fence stays upright and sturdy. You can’t have a fence without it, even if you plan on going with an aluminum setup. These posts ensure the integrity of your fence no matter how long the perimeter is. It holds your backing rails for your pickets to latch onto, and it’s set deep in the ground so nothing can budge. So, in short, yes, fence posts are essential for building a fence!

The Best Materials For Fence Posts

The next step is deciding what kind of fence post you want to go with. Many property owners go with the safe bet and choose a post that matches the same material as their fence panels or pickets. While you can’t go wrong there, you can also mix and match your materials for functionality or design reasons. For instance, a wooden fence built with aluminum posts will be much sturdier than one built with wooden posts, and it makes for a unique display. There’s practically no end to the possibilities, but as a good rule of thumb, it’s best to go with a high-quality material that won’t degrade easily since your posts will be in contact with moist soil. Recommended materials include pressure-treated pine, powder-coated aluminum, and modern vinyl. No matter what you have your eyes set on, it’s better to buy wholesale fence materials so you can get exactly what you need for your vision.

Get Creative With It!

Other than mixing and matching your fencing materials, you can also dress up your fence posts for more flair. Post caps are a wonderful accessory that turns an ordinary vinyl fence into a fancy-looking one. Fence posts are also capable of supporting fence toppers that grace the top of your fence’s border with ornate or trendy designs.

Types of Post Caps
● Ball ● Dome ● Gothic ● Federation ● New England ● External ● Flat

How to Install Your Fence Posts

Installing fence posts is a simple concept if you know what to do. Before you get your hands dirty, it’s extremely important to plan out exactly where your posts are going. Measure two or three times just to be sure because once you dig those holes, you’ll be past the point of no return. Once you’ve figured out where each of your posts will be going, you can start digging roughly two feet deep for an average-sized post. This can be done with either a shovel or a post digger. Pour in a few inches of gravel or crushed stone to account for drainage before placing your post. Once the post is in, fill the remaining space with soil and continue to pack it in as you go. You can use concrete if you wish, but it’s only necessary when installing a gate.

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