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Our Ultimate Fence Toppers Guide

Did you know that you can upgrade your existing fence to be more stylish and functional? If your fence is looking a little bland, you can dress it up with a fence topper to spice up your outdoor aesthetic! The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares are here to tell you what these fancy toppers are all about and what styles are popular in this ultimate fence toppers guide.

What Exactly Is A Fence Topper?

Think of a fence topper as an accessory that you can attach to practically any existing fence. It can be described as a panel that you install across the top of the fence which is why many people consider them extensions. Some homeowners install fence toppers just for decorative reasons, but fence toppers can also provide a great deal of privacy since they add more height to your current fence. One of the best things about fence toppers is that they can be made in different materials to match any style such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum, some of the longest-lasting fencing materials.

Fence Topper Styles

Depending on what you wish to accomplish by installing a fence topper, there are a variety of styles to best suit your needs. Whether you want to prioritize aesthetics, privacy, or a bit of both, there is a topper style that you’re sure to love!


Lattice fence toppers give your fence a fancier appeal with their intricate woven pattern. This is perhaps the most decorative style you can buy. Although many homeowners choose lattice toppers for looks alone, they still provide some privacy as you can only see through the small gaps in the tightly-woven design. An outsider would have to get up close and personal to get a good enough look at the other side, and at that point, their intentions will be obvious.


Although not as complex in design as the lattice variety, spindle toppers also add style. The spindle style is a little less common but more proper for modern housing. The simplicity of consistent bars across the top of your fence gives a very satisfying look that complements any home exterior.


If you’re only concerned about adding more height to your fence for privacy reasons, closed fence toppers are your best option. A simple, solid bar across the top of your fence is basically the definition of a fence extension at its core, and you can’t go wrong if functionality is your main goal.

Where to Get Fence Toppers In Tavares

Fence toppers are a great addition to any fence no matter the type of visual appeal that you want for your property. But where can you get the best-looking and functional styles? American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares has the best fence toppers in the most popular styles for your wood, vinyl, or aluminum fence! If you need a new fence entirely, you can order custom sets with fence toppers of your choice already installed to save you time. This is why it’s better to buy fence materials from a wholesale distributor! Call (888) 610-1756 today to get started on a free quote.