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Our Tips For Fence Contractors Looking To Offer High-Quality & Reliable Fences

Looking to be a fence-installing pro? American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares has everything you need, in both products and advice! Allow our trained and qualified professionals to walk you through our top tips for fence contractors who are looking to offer high-quality and reliable fences:

Cater Your Fence Selection To The Client’s Environment

The best way to offer high-quality and reliable fences as a fence contractor is to provide a selection of materials that best fit your client’s environment. For Florida, that usually means low-maintenance options that can resist moisture and humidity for greater longevity. Bonus points if you’re able to offer a good variety of materials while still meeting these requirements, such as wood fence types that are suited for Florida weather.

Know What You’re Supplying: Choosing Your Fence Brands Wisely

Reputable fence contractors know exactly what they are selling, down to the brand and what that brand is known for. Your clients deserve the best, and you should be the one to give it to them! Make them feel confident in their big decision to install new fencing with top brands that are renowned for their supreme quality and impeccable style, with Antebellum Manufacturing and Ameristar being just a couple of great examples.

Companies With The Best Warranties

The only thing better than a quality product is an amazing warranty to protect said product. You can be the “cool” contractor by hooking up your clients with brands that offer incredible warranties such as:

Nationwide Industries


Mercer Group

Universal Forest Products


Antebellum Manufacturing

And more!

Build A Reputation Of Long-Lasting And Reliable Fencing

How can you promise longevity to your clients? Some fence materials have been proven to be longer-lasting than your usual varieties:

  • Pressure-treated pine is pre-soaked with preservatives at the manufacturer, acting like a coat of sealant that’s integrated into the wooden fibers.
  • Powder-coated aluminum and steel are able to repel water and prevent rust by infusing additives into the metal for protection.

With extra treatment designed for increased longevity, PT pine and powder-coated aluminum are easily a couple of fence materials with the best value.

Knowing Your Wood Species Matters

If you think wood is wood, then you are sorely mistaken. Part of being a reliable fence contractor is knowing that there is a huge difference between varying wood species, and knowing which kind is best for your clients will help you build trust with them. You should be able to list the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of each type of wood before suggesting it as a valid fence material and starting the installation process. Brush up on the more appropriate types of wood for fencing like cedar, cypress, and pine.

Stick With A Single Good Fence Supplier

A reliable fence contractor should be consistent with the products that are offered and their quality. By hopping around different fence suppliers, your clients will never know what kind of quality to expect from you. Go with the best supplier you can find the first time around and stick with them for guaranteed satisfaction and a more streamlined experience.

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