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Fence Materials With The Best Value – Ranked

When you buy a fence, how do you know that you will be getting the best value? What does it mean for a fence to have value, anyway? Don’t make blind purchases, learn what you’re getting into so you can buy fence materials that are actually worth your hard-earned dollar! Your trusted fence suppliers at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando put together this useful guide ranking the top fence materials with the best value.

Fences with the best value are the ones that last a long time and require little maintenance at a reasonable price tag. Take a look at our top choices:

Our #1 Choice: Ornamental Steel And Aluminum

What about our ornate fences give them the best value? We offer powder-coated aluminum and steel fences that last much longer than your average metal fence. That’s because the chemicals that are infused into the metal can repel water, thus preventing rust while making it easy to clean. We say that ornate fences offer the greatest value because even though it has a relatively higher upfront cost, this will be the only fence that you will ever need as it will stand the test of time.

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The Best Value At A Median Price Range: Vinyl

If ornate metal fences aren’t in the budget, or they don’t fit the desired style, vinyl is the more common choice that still offers great value. Premium vinyl fences come at an affordable cost while still offering ample protection, security, and low-maintenance properties. If you buy your vinyl fencing from the right place, it can boost curb appeal with intricate designs compared to your plain and average-looking vinyl fence.

The Unexpected Contender: Chain Link

Most people disregard chain link fencing for many reasons, but they’re not built like the older types that you may be used to. Modern chain link fences are stronger and more resilient, and they come with the option to add extra protection in the form of vinyl coating or galvanization with zinc. Because of these upgrades, chain link fencing is now a smart investment for residential properties while offering great value.

Our Top Wood Varieties With The Most Value

Cypress and Western Red Cedar are the best varieties for wooden fences when it comes to receiving the best value. Both of these wood species are naturally strong and durable, lasting much longer than your ordinary wooden fence from your local big box retail store. They also radiate a natural beauty in bright and bold colors without the need for stains.

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Pressure-Treated Pine: The Affordable Wooden Fence Option

For those who just want an average wooden fence, pressure-treated pine is the best choice for retaining a decent value. It’s rather affordable while offering the added protection that comes from an added solution that’s integrated into the fibers at the manufacturing facility. PT pine fences are known to last for years with the right care. Just keep in mind that they typically require a bit more upkeep than vinyl or powder-coated metal fences.

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