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Choosing The Best Wood Fence Type For Florida Weather

Who says you need to give up on wood in hot and humid climates? With so many varieties of wood species and fence styles, you just need to pick the right ones. But of course, that can take hours of research. Well, your hunt ends here because we’re about to show you how to choose the best wood fence type for Florida weather! The best part is that you can get fences from this special selection delivered to you from American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando.

When choosing the best wood fence type for Florida weather, both the species of wood and the style of fence matter. Some wood varieties are more durable than others and have natural repellent properties while fence styles with gaps create less wind resistance.

What’s So Different About Florida Weather? Nearly Everything

What should a wooden fence be able to guard against? In any other state, you may not need much for a wooden fence to reach its intended lifespan. However, Florida weather is much more demanding and that means your ordinary wooden fence won’t do. Some things to consider in Florida include:

  • Comparably higher temperatures
  • Prolonged direct sunlight
  • Frequent moisture from rain spells
  • Intense wind currents during storms and hurricanes
  • Unpredictable weather patterns

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Wood Species Matters In Florida – Our Top Picks

Let’s start off with what’s subjectively the most important aspect of a Florida-ready fence, the type of material. Your average wooden fence would most likely last five years at most with the hectic weather conditions, and that’s if you’re lucky. For a wooden fence that can last as long as 25 years or more in Florida (with proper care), Redwood Cedar is an excellent choice. But for a capable wooden fence on a budget, pressure-treated pine is still a step up from your average wooden fence.

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Redwood Cedar

PT Pine

● Less moisture-absorbent for a decreased chance of mold growth

● Not the first choice for sustenance among bugs and other pests

● Dense and sturdy enough to brush off high winds

● Average expected lifespan of 25 years

● Offers more protection than untreated wooden fences

● Added layer can repel moisture and pest activity to a certain degree

● Comes at an affordable cost

Choose Smart – The Best Wood Fence Styles For Practicality

After deciding on the best wood variety for your Florida-friendly fence, the next thing to consider is the style. Choosing between picket, privacy, and semi-privacy fencing isn’t just about matching the aesthetic of the property or the level of visibility. One of the main reasons why fencing gets picked up by strong gusts of wind during hurricanes is because they aren’t able to evenly distribute the force of the impact. This is why many professionals suggest either picket or semi-privacy fences in Florida, allowing many gaps for air to pass through without contending for space.

Get Creative With Functional Add-Ons

Picket fences may not be everyone’s desired style, but there are other ways to make a fence more suitable for Florida. For instance, one can still promote better airflow by installing shorter privacy panels and topping them with lattice-style fence toppers. A wooden fence can also be reinforced with metal or vinyl fence posts and adding post caps can protect them from rot.

Design Your Perfect Wood Fence At American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando

For the best wood fence types for Florida weather, contact American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando today at (407) 961-6073 to learn more about our selection of premium wood fences in the materials and styles we just covered! We’re ready to assist you with platinum services for all of your fencing needs.