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5 Ways Fences Can Help Protect Your Orlando Home This Hurricane Season

There are countless things that homeowners in Orlando can do to help protect their homes during the upcoming hurricane season, with one way being to install high-quality fence materials in anticipation of stormy weather. Learn more about the various ways that fences can make homes safer during a hurricane from the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando.

Pickets Can Divert The Force Of Wind

Did you know that pickets that are shaped at the top can actually serve a purpose? Other than giving a fence a bit of personality, pointed and dog ear pickets are capable of cutting through the flow of wind, thus causing the air to divert or dissipate. This way, a strong gust of wind during a hurricane can weaken before it reaches the home and become less of a threat. Picket fences can come in wooden and vinyl varieties, but of course, vinyl comes with extra protective properties.

Privacy Panels Can Take Most Of The Hit

Homeowners who prefer the peaceful environment that comes with privacy fencing can still receive protection during hurricane season. The solid panels will be able to take the initial brunt of a forceful blow so the house doesn’t have to. Vinyl privacy fences are especially resilient since they can bend while maintaining most of their durability. If installed correctly, it should retain its condition after a storm for a well-kept property.

Metal Fence Posts Are Strong And Dependable

No one ever worries about a metal fence becoming uprooted and flying away like other types of fencing, and that’s because they’re practically unmovable. Steel posts are especially heavy and tend to stay lodged in place during intense hurricanes, and they are sometimes paired with wooden pickets in order to receive the benefits of both materials. Regardless of the type, steel and aluminum fences are a couple of the strongest fence materials.

Water-Resistance Can Help Fences Last Longer

Other than wind, hurricanes are often paired with excessive moisture. A couple of the best fence materials to combat water damage are vinyl and powder-coated aluminum. Vinyl isn’t affected by Florida’s climate, and treated aluminum is basically impervious to rust and corrosion. After a storm, one can rest assured that their fence will likely be in great condition.

Premium Fencing Can Help With Insurance Costs

Home insurance can be rather high in a hurricane-prone state like Florida, so every bit of savings can go a long way. One way to get a lower rate is to install high-quality fencing as a way of increasing home protection during these occurrences. By being responsible and taking the extra mile in proactive preparations, insurance companies may take note and provide some accommodations.

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