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Does Florida’s Climate Affect Vinyl Fencing?

If you were asked to describe Florida weather in one word, you may struggle with finding a single answer. The sunshine state may be bright and gleaming, but the overall environment is much more complex than it may sound to those who only stop by for summer vacation. Long-time residents know what their homeland is capable of, and the results could mean bad news for their fencing. But are those with vinyl fences immune to these extreme environmental conditions? All of your questions will be answered by the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares because we’re here to tell you about how vinyl fences hold up to Florida’s climate!

The Many Perils Of Florida Weather

What does Florida’s climate entail, exactly? Yes, we see our fair share of direct sunlight that can be relaxing to soak in but damaging to traditional fences that aren’t UV-protected. In time, the sun can induce cracking and splintering from the dryness that comes from prolonged exposure. And of course, the frequent rain spells and stormy weather can be the end for fences that aren’t equipped to handle water damage. Even strong humidity can introduce enough moisture to instill the spread of rot and mold. That’s already a lot to worry about, and that’s not even accounting for Florida’s many inhabitants like various bugs and critters that can chew through weak materials. All of these things are unavoidable which is why it’s crucial to get a fence that can better withstand these damages compared to your typical fence.

How Vinyl Beats Wood For Combatting Florida’s Climate

To stand up against Florida’s climate, a fence must be able to resist the effects of intense heat, wet conditions, and wildlife activity. To have the best chance of preventing damage from all of these situations is to go with a vinyl fence. While an average wooden fence will most likely have a decreased lifespan due to the effects of Florida weather, vinyl has been known to maintain its expected lifespan of 30 years or longer. This is because the plastic compounds that make up vinyl fences are less affected by most elements like sunlight and water which makes them a great fence material for storm seasons, and there are no nutrients available to attract bugs and critters to them. But in order to ensure these amazing benefits, those looking to get a new vinyl fence shouldn’t go cheap with the materials.

Why High-Grade Vinyl Fencing Matters

There are so many reasons for installing vinyl fencing in your yard, but not all vinyl fences have the capability to provide the best of these desirable benefits. Cracking, breaking, splintering, and much more can still occur if the fence is poorly made or installed incorrectly. The best way to guarantee that a vinyl fence functions how it should is to order high-quality premium vinyl fencing materials and pair them with expert installation.

Where To Get Premium Vinyl Fencing In Tavares

Looking for top-quality vinyl fencing materials near you? American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares carries a wide selection of premium vinyl fencing materials that are made to last even in the face of Florida’s climate. Call (888) 610-1756 today to speak with a specialist about getting a material quote on your next order!