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Top 5 Reasons To Install Vinyl Fencing In Your Yard

If you thought that wood was the only suitable material for a residential fence, you’re in for a shock because vinyl fencing is becoming a much more popular alternative. But why are so many homeowners making the switch? The properties of vinyl offer so many benefits to any home that the choice is really a no-brainer for anyone looking for a fence that’s easy to install and maintain while enjoying excellent qualities. The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando compiled a list of all the top reasons for installing a vinyl fence in your yard!

1. Vinyl Fences Are Easy To Install

Why does it matter whether or not a fence is easy to install? Aside from saving lots of time, an easy-to-install fence also equates to a fence that’s low-maintenance and cost-effective. Vinyl fencing consists of whole panels that are arranged side-by-side and held in place by posts. It’s such a simple setup that’s difficult to get wrong, unlike a wooden fence that involves a great number of individual pickets and more opportunities for problems to occur during the installation process or sometime later on.

2. Vinyl Fencing Is Long-Lasting

The plastic components in vinyl are better at resisting moisture, meaning that they can last much longer without experiencing any deterioration from rot. Vinyl is also harder for bugs, pests, and animals to chew through (which also makes it a great pet-friendly fence). These two facts alone easily make vinyl fencing last a minimum of 20 years, but premium-quality ones have been known to last as long as 30 years or more.

3. Vinyl Fences Require Little Maintenance

Since vinyl panels are resistant to some of the main causes of fence corrosion, not much effort is needed to keep them in shape. Cleaning vinyl fencing is as easy as giving it a quick spray or a swipe with a damp cloth. Even without these small cleaning suggestions, a vinyl fence will continue to be stunning on its own with little help. Since vinyl is easy to take care of, many people choose this type of fencing as the best low-maintenance option.

4. Vinyl Fences Can Increase Property Value

Vinyl fences have a longer lifespan and hardly require any maintenance, but they can also be made to give any yard a stunning and modern appeal. All of these qualities combined can easily increase the property value of a house as any homeowner would be ecstatic to have the benefits of a vinyl fence pre-installed when searching for a new home.

5. Vinyl Fences Can Be Custom-Made

Many fencing contractors already offer a selection of vinyl fence styles to choose from, but the possibilities are even more vast than you might think. The composition of vinyl makes it easy to fabricate fully custom designs upon request, you just need to know which fence suppliers in your area are able to do so.

Get Premium Vinyl Fencing Materials From American Wholesale Fenceworks!

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