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4 Reasons You Need High-Quality Fence Materials During Storm Season

Why does having a premium fence that’s in excellent condition matter when it comes to hurricanes? Many property owners are content with their current fence, but when faced with high winds and a great deal of moisture, they’ll soon find that their old setup will bring them more issues than it’s worth. Let the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando teach you the importance of high-quality fence materials during storm season.

1. Old Or Poor-Quality Fences Can Get Pulled Up

Traditional fencing gradually wears out over time no matter how well it’s taken care of. And when it becomes weak and rickety, there’s a higher chance of the planks, posts, and panels getting torn away from their foundation. A great way to prevent this from happening is to invest in premium fence materials that are designed to be more durable. Any kind of picket or semi-privacy option can allow enough room for air to pass through with minimal resistance, but aluminum fencing is perhaps the best for the job. The material is thick and heavy so there’s less chance of hurricanes toppling it over, the metal posts are securely screwed into the ground or held in place by concrete. For minimal wind resistance, chain link fencing is also a great choice.

2. Flying Fence Parts Can Cause Serious Damage

Suppose an old fence gets hit hard enough for the wind to completely carry it off-site. It doesn’t take a genius to know that a flying wooden plank can’t end well. Depending on the weight of the material and how fast it’s moving through the air, a single plank may be enough to cause some serious property damage. Worst case, the piece of the fence may cross paths with a person and induce horrible injuries. Again, this is why it’s essential to choose high-quality fence materials that have the capacity to stand up to hurricane winds like aluminum, chain link, and picket or semi-privacy fencing.

3. Hurricane Winds Often Carry Moisture

Hurricane winds can do more than lift unstable fences. It’s not uncommon for these currents to pick up water along the way, and exposure to any kind of moisture can easily bring about related damages such as rot and mold. Once a fence is exposed to these conditions for a long time, the effects are irreversible. You can’t simply wipe or wash the mold away and expect things to get better. The fence will be beyond repair and will need to be replaced entirely.

4. Ocean Air Can Invoke Deterioration By Salt

Environmental damages don’t only happen with water. Exposure to salt is just as capable of deteriorating older fence materials, even metal. That’s because salt is much more corrosive than water. And if you’re near the ocean, it’s very likely that salt will occupy the water that’s being carried in a hurricane. This is why there are recommended fence materials for seaside properties such as powder-treated aluminum and vinyl.

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