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Is There An “Off Season” For Buying A Fence?

Technically, you can buy a fence anytime you want. But for the best prices and quality installation, it pays to learn about the “off-season” when it comes to outdoor construction like fence installation. Discover tips and tricks in this article covering fence buying during the off-season before reaching out to your trusted Florida fence wholesalers at American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares!

Buying a fence during off season has many advantages such as lower pricing, easier installation, and shorter wait times. The main reason is the lack of demand for fencing during the colder months, but there’s much more to it than that which we’ll explore further:

When Is The “Off Season” For Buying A Fence?

The “off-season” for fence buying is during the transition into the colder months or during the rainy season. In Florida, this could be more often compared to many other states. Winter only comes around once a year, but rain and storms come and go somewhat frequently when you have a hot and humid climate along the coast. Since the “best” time to install a fence is rather limited in Florida, property owners should learn how to make the most out of the off-season including the potential benefits and which materials are best.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Fence During Off-Season

Most people would assume that the best time to install a fence is the beginning of spring or the middle of summer. Although that’s technically not wrong, there is a good chance that everybody else is thinking the same. This can lead to issues with there being a high demand for fence installation during those times. To avoid the likelihood of higher prices, limited availability, or excessive wait times due to high volume during the peak months, take a moment to review the pros and cons of fence installation during the off-season:

Fence Installation During Off-Season



● The possibility of lower fence prices

● Lower traffic for shorter wait times

● Getting a head start on a new fence for the warm season

● The ground might be tougher to work with

● Rain might make installation difficult

The Best Types Of Fences To Install For The Off-Season

Your biggest obstacle during this time of the year is weather-related problems like rain, frost, and wind. When you go with poor-quality fencing materials, it can quickly deteriorate during the off-season due to water damage from rain, cracking from intense frost, or loss of stability from high winds that can pull a fence from its foundation. Explore these premium fencing materials that can hold their own during the off-season:

Powder-Coated Aluminum or Steel

If rain is a big concern during the off-season, then metal wouldn’t normally be the first choice to come to mind. However, powder-coated aluminum and steel is a special case because the added protection completely repels water in order to prevent rust. It is also incredibly durable for wind resistance.

High-Quality Vinyl

Like powder-coated metal, modern vinyl fencing is also immune to water damage. It might not be as strong as metal, but it has the potential to resist high winds when installed correctly and if the right style is used. And of course, it is the low-cost alternative.

Pressure-Treated Pine

If the idea is to have a cheery wooden fence installed by the time the warmer weather comes back around, pressure-treated pine fences come with a protective coating that gives it greater resistance to threats like water or pest activity. Going with this option can increase the likelihood of the fence lasting through the off-season.

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