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Is Summer In Florida A Good Time To Install A Fence?

People often argue over whether it’s better to install a fence during the warm summer months or in the cold winter. Realistically, there’s no bad time to install a fence since each season has its advantages. If you were planning on starting up a project soon, American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando is here to show you why summer is a great time to install a fence!

Installing Fence Posts In The Summer vs The Winter

Winter is a good time to install a fence because the time of year isn’t so busy compared to summer, but anyone might find it difficult to break the ground to install fence posts if it’s too cold or frosted over. Dirt tends to be in its more natural and relaxed state while it’s warm outside which makes it much easier to manipulate. Fence posts may also feel more secure when the dirt around them isn’t so cold and rigid.

Summertime Is More Comfortable For Outdoor Projects

When it’s freezing outside, it can be hard to find the motivation to get uncomfortable with a physically-demanding outdoor project. Sure, the summer may be hot, but it’s easier to adapt by wearing suitable clothing or by setting up some shade over your work area. If anyone had to choose, many people would rather sit in the warm indoors during the holiday season and use the sunny weather in the summer months to tackle outdoor activities like fence installation.

Flexible Availability During Summer Vacation Season

Most people are too busy during the holidays to put time and effort into anything other than shopping for gifts. By the time summer comes around, especially with school being on hiatus, many individuals have more time to spare on things that they normally wouldn’t have the time for like installing a fence. When hiring a fence contractor, many people would advise winter installation because that’s considered the “off-season” when these companies aren’t as busy with orders. But if everyone thought that way, then many people would be hiring fence contractors during the winter anyway. It’s better to just go with whatever works for the needs of the individual needing a fence.

Getting The Full Summer Backyard Experience

For those planning on having backyard get-togethers for barbecues and pool parties, installing a fence isn’t something to wait on. Having a fence installed in time for these social activities will greatly enhance the experience for everyone involved by providing security and an attractive environment. This is especially true if there is a pool around, in which case it’s part of Florida law to ensure the safety of children and pets by installing a pool fence.

Order Summer-Ready Fences From American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando!

Looking for the best materials for your summer fence installation projects? American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando has a wide selection of premium fence materials that are excellent for the summer. Call our team of specialists at (407) 961-6073 for more information about our products and to ask for a material quote!