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Here’s Why Every Family Needs Pool Fencing For Their Backyard

Is it really necessary to put a fence around your pool? You’d be surprised by how many accidents can happen over a seemingly small body of water. In some areas, it’s required by law anyway. But what purpose does it serve? The professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando will show you all the reasons why every family needs a pool fence for their backyard.

A Pool Fence Can Prevent Accidents

The most important reason for having a pool fence is for extra safety and security. No, no one is going to try and steal a pool. The fence is mainly to keep people and animals from falling in. If no one is around to supervise the pool, someone who doesn’t know how to swim can fall in by accident. A pool fence acts as a barrier to prevent these accidents especially when there are no watchful eyes to act upon them.

Privacy Pool Fences Come With Added Benefits

Some pool fences are made of powder-coated aluminum since the material is resistant to moisture damage, vinyl privacy fences are also a great choice that comes with more perks. When there are no gaps for people to peek through, families can enjoy swimming without worrying about being watched. Privacy fences also do a great job of keeping out pests and critters that could fall into the pool while it’s not being used.

What Kinds Of Critters Love Pools?

When a child falls into a pool, it can be a bit difficult for them to climb out. But to some animals, climbing out is practically impossible because the walls are too high for them to reach over. Such animals include mice, chipmunks, skunks, snakes, frogs, lizards, and even birds that have lost their ability to fly. This can happen at night when everyone is asleep, or during the day while everyone is out of the house, which is why it’s important to put up a barrier like a pool fence.

Complying With Local Laws and Insurance Policies

According to Florida Statute 515, a residential pool barrier must be at least 4 feet tall and be placed far enough from the pool’s edge so that anyone penetrating the barrier won’t immediately fall in. The statute also advises residents to attend drowning prevention education programs to promote better care and safety precautions.

In addition to Florida state laws, many home insurance companies require homeowners to install a fence around their pools since they see these recreational fixtures to be safety hazards. What are the consequences of ignoring these requirements? An insurance company may have the right to deny claims regarding the pool area. Additional requirements regarding pools include:

  • Installing lights around the pool
  • Having a lock on ladders for above-ground pools
  • Placing non-skid tape on diving boards, or being without diving boards altogether

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