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Choosing A Florida Fence Wholesaler? 5 Tips For Knowing What To Look For

It’s one thing for fence suppliers to sell you the materials you need, but it’s even better to have a wholesaler on hand who knows the ins and outs of securing Florida properties with the right materials that fall in line with local rules and regulations. American Wholesale Fenceworks Tavares has the tips you need to know for choosing the best Florida fence wholesaler near you.

1. Confirm The Fence Wholesaler’s Reputability

We don’t have to tell you to check the wholesaler’s qualifications since that’s probably the first thing you’re going to look for anyway. But how do you know that a company really means what they say about themselves? That’s the beauty of online reviews. Feedback in this format is typically genuine, and so it’s a reliable way of checking a wholesaler’s authenticity. Take a look at these real customer reviews, for example:

“We’ve ordered several times from here now and have had good experiences each time…It is nice to be able to work with people who are both friendly and professional”

– Ruby

“Quality customer service and great product. Delivery drivers are professional and down to earth.”

– Josh

“The staff have always been quick, knowledgeable and able to fulfill any order I give them at the best rates I can find and on the same day. I highly recommend doing business with them.”

– Ashly

2. How Well Do They Know Their Products?

Anyone can ring up items from a catalog after a day or two of being trained on the phones, but it takes real knowledge and skill to offer catered knowledge and recommendations that fit a client’s exact needs. There are countless areas and neighborhoods throughout Florida, each having its own set of rules and regulations. A seasoned fence supplier will know how to evaluate these requirements and suggest the best materials that abide by them. They will also have no issues giving you extensive detail regarding each product’s qualities if you ask.

3. Ask How Their Fences Hold Against Florida Weather

What makes Florida unique to other states aside from the beautiful islands and sunbathed beaches? The sheer number of devastating hurricanes and intense stormy seasons. No ordinary fence would be able to withstand these conditions, so your fence wholesaler should have no issues offering you premium fencing that provides high-quality protection. Ask if their wood fences are pressure-treated for increased durability, or if they have metal fencing that is powder-coated to repel moisture.

4. Review The Diversity Of Their Selection

Having fencing that can withstand Florida weather is great, but can feel underwhelming if there are only one or two options available. A reliable fence wholesaler should be able to fulfill all of your needs with a wide variety of materials in plenty of distinct styles. They should also have a decent selection of fence accessories like fence toppers and post caps, as well as the means to supply you with gates and gate accessories.

Fence suppliers that have the ability to craft custom designs are always nice to have on hand for projects that require a unique look or style. Ask your wholesaler if they have in-house fabrication tools to drag ideas out of the notebook and into reality.

5. Compare Quotes. Do They Offer Competitive Pricing?

Just because a fence wholesaler has everything you’re looking for in quality products and services doesn’t mean that they have the right to charge you an unreasonable high price. The best fence suppliers are the ones that can grant you everything you need at a fair price.

American Wholesale Fenceworks Is Your Top Florida Fence Wholesaler Near You!

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