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Our Top Tips For Making Picket Fences Look Modern & Chic

What are the current trends in modern and chic fencing? Right now, styles that are non-traditional or out of the ordinary are increasing in popularity, and we cover a few great examples in this article. You can achieve any of these stunning fences by contacting America Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta for premium materials delivered in Georgia.

Think Outside The Picket – Add Privacy Panels

When it comes to modern fence styles, “different” usually equates to “better”. A great example of this theory is the fusion of privacy panels and pickets. By installing short privacy fencing as your base and adding pickets on top, you can capitalize on the benefits of both styles while promoting a unique look that stands out from the crowd.

Make The House The Star – Low Pickets For Greater Visibility

A beautiful home doesn’t mean much when you can’t see it from an outsider’s perspective. This is bound to happen when installing tall picket fences that obstruct the view of the home that’s trying to flaunt its looks, but this is easily fixed by installing low picket fencing. Low pickets that come up no further than past the waist can easily give any property a chic appeal.

Can Pedestrian Gates Be Added To Low Picket Fences?

A wholesale fence supplier will have the means to fabricate a small pedestrian gate to go with your low picket fence. This is a great way to welcome guests in a way that is fun and friendly. Friends and family alike wouldn’t think twice about whether or not they are invited to enter the premises.

Create A Statement – Go With Bold And Stunning Colors

Going modern usually coincides with bright and bold colors. Even the most traditional picket fence can appear modern with the right paints with hues such as red, green, or blue. Even white can give a contemporary feel as long as it is kept clean for a bright and fresh color. The easiest way to maintain a blinding white fence is to go with an easy-to-clean fence type like low-maintenance vinyl.

Keep It Exciting – Alternating Picket Heights

Another easy and effective way to promote a modern fence style is by installing pickets with alternating heights. Going back and forth between short and tall pickets encourages the eyes to explore while your brain is being tickled from comprehending what it’s seeing. In short, alternating picket heights force you to stop and take a moment to admire the unordinary yet exciting view.

Go With Tomorrow’s Popular Cut – Escalating And De-Escalating Slants

Popular fence cuts include scallop, saddle, and straight, but savvy homeowners have discovered a new look. Imagine a picket fence with a slant that gradually escalates from one side to the other, and then de-escalates when it turns the corner. This installation method may not be common, but many would equate it to a work of art. Some may even say that this look is ahead of its time.

Practice The Art Of Diverting Attention – Large Posts vs Thin Pickets

Most people would match the size of the fence post to the size of the pickets without a second thought, but this is another opportunity to achieve a modern and chic look. One way to play around with these fence components is to go with thicker and larger fence posts while pairing them with thinner pickets. The result is an out-of-the-box idea that paves the way for an open imagination.

Craft Modern And Chic Fences With American Wholesale Fenceworks

For chic and modern fences in Georgia, call American Wholesale Fenceworks Atlanta today to get started on a custom order followed by a material quote! If you can imagine it, we can craft it with our in-house fabrication tools and priceless expertise in all things fencing.