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Maintenance Tips For Every Type Of Fence

After installing a fence to secure your property, you’ll want to perform regular upkeep to ensure that it lasts long enough to be worth the investment. But what can you do for your fence to increase its lifespan and keep up its protective qualities? Each type of material is different, but the professionals at American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando will teach you how to properly care for each type of fence for a beautiful and secure property.

Different Ways to Maintain Wooden Fences

Wooden fences can require a great deal of upkeep, especially when it comes to certain species of wood. No matter what kind you have around your property, there are a few things you can do to add to its longevity and appearance:

  • Applying stains and sealants can strengthen the fibers of the wood and act as a protective layer. If you take this route, just be sure to re-apply your sealant at least once every 3 years. Buying pressure-treated wood is like buying materials that have sealant pressed into the fibers ahead of time.
  • Check your planks regularly (especially along the bottom) for signs of rot or decay. If your fence is made up of individual pickets, you can switch out the one that is showing these signs before it can spread without needing to replace your entire fence.
  • Understand the responsibilities of painting a fence. Painting your fence is a great way to achieve exciting bold colors, but it takes work to keep up with the look. You will need to redo your coat more often than a stain, and you may have to chip away your old coat for a more satisfying layer with no bumps or cracks.

How to Properly Clean Vinyl Fences

Many property owners like to go with vinyl fences because they’re one of the easiest types of fences to maintain. That may be true, but you should still know how to treat them so they always look their best and last longer. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to keep your vinyl fence appearing like new. Since there are no fibers for moisture to sink into, you can simply spray your vinyl fence with a hose or wipe it down with a soapy rag. You can choose to let the sun dry it for you, but hand-drying it is recommended to prevent any watermarks. It’s not advised to paint over vinyl because of the lack of fibers needed to effectively hold it in place, but it’s possible to buy vinyl materials pre-colored for a more exciting aesthetic than plain white. You can ask for colored vinyl from distributors that specialize in custom fence orders.

Keeping Aluminum Fences Bright and Shiny

Plain aluminum can easily show signs of rust and corrosion no matter how much you take care of it, especially in a humid place like Florida. However, powder-coated aluminum has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance. Powder-coated aluminum can be treated in the same way as vinyl in that all you need to do is spray it down to wash off the dirt or wipe it down with a wet and soapy cloth. Again, you can let the sun do its work or you can immediately get the drying towel for better results.

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Now that you know everything you need to know in order to keep your fence looking nice and vibrant for many years, you’re ready to get started on installing your new fence! Call American Wholesale Fenceworks Orlando today at (407) 961-6073 to ask about our products and to receive a material quote.