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What Type of Fence Is Easiest to Maintain?

Getting ready to upgrade your property with a brand-new fence? Whether you’re fencing a residential or commercial property, you’re investing in much more than a simple privacy barrier. A high-quality fence also provides security, aesthetics, and so much more. Fences are exposed to the elements every day, so they can require maintenance from time to time. Read on to learn all about the fencing materials that are easiest to maintain.

What Makes a Fence Easy to Maintain?

As you determine which fencing material’s best for your property, particularly in terms of maintenance, think about how much work you’re comfortable putting into caring for the fence. The most tedious maintenance task is often washing your fence. Some materials need regular cleaning, quickly showing signs of wear if you neglect to give your fence a good wash. Low-maintenance fencing materials are easy to wash—you can usually clean them with a hose or power washer.

Some fences require even more upkeep than a simple wash. Wood fences, for instance, often require scraping, painting, or staining. Easy-to-maintain fencing materials should hold up well to the elements and won’t require any painting or staining. So, which fencing materials require the least upkeep?


Durable vinyl fencing will look and perform well for years when installed by professional fencing installers. It features a shiny, smooth surface that’s easy to clean—you can rinse off most debris with water. Due to vinyl’s durability, your fence will require very minimal repairs. If you choose vinyl as your fencing material, remember that the thicker the vinyl, the more durable it will be. Another benefit to vinyl is that it’s fadeproof, so you won’t have to worry about painting your fence to maintain its beauty.


If you’re looking for a fence that won’t block your view and will hold up to the elements for years to come, chain-link is a great option. Chain-link is easy to clean with a power washer. It’s also exceptionally durable, allowing wind to flow through. Today’s chain-link fences feature much more decorative features, including color options, so you can customize your fence to match the look of your property.


While wrought iron fences have an incredible look and appeal, they’re also difficult to maintain. A steel fence gives you a comparable look, without the price and the maintenance. Steel is a great option that’s tough enough to meet all your security needs, and you won’t have to worry about it denting or bending. If you choose a steel fence that’s covered with a powder coat, you won’t have to worry about any peeling or blistering that could lead to rusting. The finish will hold up well over time, and you can clean the fence with a garden hose.

Choose the Low-Maintenance Fencing Material That’s Best for Your Property

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